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    Hello I wish. By the way, I've updated my appearance. But I came across two problems. 1) in column_left.php can not be included include (DIR_WS_BOXES. 'Tools.php'); I do not know where to include include (DIR_WS_BOXES 'echo_customizations.php'); 2) After all the changes, my administration ceased to work. Either it returns me to index.php in admin, or it sends me to the error page of my hosting. In admin / includes / filenames.php I have done everything in the tutorial as well as in include / filenames.php, some of it redirects me without a problem and some vice versa. In the link I have / FILENAME_CUSTOMERS and others, these sections link to an error page. Do not you know what this may be? Thank you for the answers and the advice I have installed osCommerce v.2.3.4 Full Package Finally, I would have one more general question as to how to make a purchase without having to register. Thank you