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  1. lost1

    Virtual Mall 1.2 Support Thread

    Thanks for the speedy reply! will do.
  2. lost1

    Virtual Mall 1.2 Support Thread

    Hi, I thought I had successfully installed this virtual mall release over top of an already existing os commerce set-up that I have also running image_html_package_1.2. I had to make some additional alterations to the categories page, and make my own changes to the products already in the database. I am not sure if I've missed something, or messed up something. I added 3 stores which I set up with a matching top level category I put their products in. Products all have store_id. I set up an additional administrator through the tool with only catalog access and limiting them to their own store. All 3 categories/stores showed up in my_products area. When I went to the 3rd store to administer logged in as the other admin. I was able to edit categories and products in the third store not belonging to the user I was logged in as. :unsure: I hope this makes sense-my brain's a bit scrabled from all this--Can someone give me a clue to where my error may be? Thanks!