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  1. arieldumbo@gmail.com

    Tools -> Security Controls... problem

    Ashley, Thank you, as always thank you very much, solved
  2. arieldumbo@gmail.com

    Tools -> Security Controls... problem

    Good how are you doing, I would like to know if someone can help me. I cannot carry out the Security checks, I mean, if I click, it does nothing and it keeps putting the legend: More than 30 days have passed since the extended security checks were last run. Please rerun the extended security checks in Tools -> Security Controls. Tools -> Security Controls. after clicking on the button Tools -> Security Controls. ... it advances to the next screen and does not describe or do anything, how do I solve it? Thank you
  3. arieldumbo@gmail.com

    Problem with Search in the Store empties the basket

    Ashley... Crack! Genius! thank you very much, solved
  4. Hello how are you? I do not know much about PHP, I am not a programmer and in my store installed at www.shopdepesca.com.ar/tienda/ when I use the product search box it empties my cart. The problem is that if there are products in the basket and the customer executes a special search such as (See Link) the basket remains empty: https://shopdepesca.com.ar/tienda/advanced_search_result.php?keywords=titan+bg With an old Firefox everything is normal but with updated browsers this failure occurs. Could someone guide me? Thanks