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  1. Hello every body ! I work on an Oscommerce shop with Ultimate SEO URL, how to remove .html? http://www.treuil4x4.com/catalogue/treuils-tmax-c-124.html to http://www.treuil4x4.com/catalogue/treuils-tmax-c-124/ I have already done some tests but if I delete the .html (on .htaccess and include/class/seo.class.php It make me duplicate page ! (by deleting the '-')... like this http://www.treuil4x4.com/catalogue/treuils-tmax-c-124.html http://www.treuil4x4.com/catalogue/treuils-tmax-c-124/ http://www.treuil4x4.com/catalogue/treuilstmax-c-124/ How to remove .html properly? without making the contribution bug? Thank you !