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  1. billybrag

    PayPal IPN Module v1.0 For 2.2MS2

    i am having this same issue - any ideas on a fix - :)
  2. billybrag

    Thumbnail PDF Catalogue

    ok thanks any ideas on drawing a horizontal rule between products? Mike
  3. billybrag

    Thumbnail PDF Catalogue

    Hello VGer, just a simple question, is it possible to reduce the gap between products? or can you point me in the direction of where to look. also the best way to stop the ascii chars from showing incorrectly is to use a simple string replace eg... replace $description=rtrim(strip_tags($print_catalog_array[$j]['description'])); in admin/pdf_catalogue.php with $description=rtrim(str_replace("&", "&", str_replace(" ", " ",strip_tags($print_catalog_array[$j]['description'])))); hth Mike
  4. billybrag

    RSS_News mod by Jack York help

    yeah i have tried a few different feeds and its the same. which do you use and ill try it? Mike
  5. Hi all im using the RSS Feed by Jack York and it is working great, but it keeps pulling odd charachters for example it should read... but it is displaying... as you can see it has "Gideon Defoe's" instead of "Gideon Defoes's" is there a way that i can get rid of that? im sure it must be a simple change?
  6. billybrag

    Links Manager v1.01, please help???

    i have installed this and all seemed to go great until i try to add a link on the site i get this error Warning: mysql_connect(): Can't connect to MySQL server on 'localhost' (10048) in C:\Domains\sharpsbooks.co.uk\wwwroot\shop\includes\functions\database.php on line 19 Unable to connect to database server! the database seems to connect fine for everything else? thanks Mike
  7. billybrag

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    i have read through this but cant actually find a solution to this orders go through fine and everything works great - ie moneyt received, customer is happy etc etc but it wont change from "Preparing [PayPal IPN]" any ideas on a fix. I have it all turned on in my paypal account as i was using a different version previously, so i know it can work Mike
  8. Bobby, Will this work on an IIS server? Mike
  9. Hi all thanks for a great contrib, just to let you all know what i did, i was after a stand alone system that i could use to create a "catalog" to send out on CD. I used this contrib to create the listing and then saved the html page, which saves all of the info around ie images and voila! - burn to cd and your away! add to a cd with an autorun file and there you have it :) great - thanks On the side - im having trouble getting this to print out properly, it keeps cutting some of the right hand edge, any suggestions? also is there a way to add a little break and then maybe the Category title? or even have it so the categories to be displayed are choosable? thanks mike mike
  10. billybrag

    Current AUctions V2.0

    Is there a way to get the current auctions box to only display when there are auctions present?
  11. thank you so much ed, that cracked it :) i can get hooked again on watching people in the store mike
  12. does anyone know why i cannot see the last url clicked? i am on a windows server and it used to work befor i moved?? more to the point does anyone know a fix?? please help i cant get hooked anymore mike
  13. i too am having this error and im not sure whats wrong, it was working fine then i switched to a windows server and i get TEXT_FILE_DOES_NOT_EXIST please help
  14. billybrag

    buy 4 of product x and get shipping free

    i am still searching away fior a solution to this :) PLease help
  15. I want to be able to make a certain range of products so that if you buy 4, you will get free shipping! this will only apply to certain products can it be done and if do how thanks Mike