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  1. shetch

    Marketplace Category/Version Cleanup

    Clearly "most people" have moved on...
  2. shetch

    Marketplace Category/Version Cleanup

    I currently work in an office with 15 junior developers and today showed them oscommerce and opencart, explaining that osc was a perfect starting point for anyone starting out with PHP. They all opted to use opencart instead...
  3. shetch

    Marketplace Category/Version Cleanup

    A market place would at least help to attract developers which this project desperately needs as the current team consists of one at present. This is clearly irrelevant if the official release is not updated (including cpanel one click installers) and the osc website updated as it currently resembles something from the 1980's. No sane developer would choose osc over it's growing number of competitors...
  4. shetch

    Marketplace Category/Version Cleanup

    Very disheartening to see this project floundering...
  5. Hi Mark, I'm about to begin a rewrite of the modules section
  6. Yes, I'm working on it, here's the fix for the widescreen view (admin/includes/modules/dashboard/d_quick_links.php d_quick_links.zip
  7. That's a better approach, have updated files so next release will include. If you also add the class fa-fw they will line up better too
  8. Did you replace the categories.php file with the version I attached earlier or simply change line 907 manually?
  9. Can't replicate the editor button issue but here's the fixed categories.php file for the copy product radio buttons on line 907. categories.zip
  10. Here's the other 2 jquery modules too ht_jquery.zip
  11. This is caused by the jquery reference, to fix simply move the jquery script link (assets/js/jquery.min.js) in admin/includes/template_bottom.php to admin/includes/template_top.php (below the css links). Please find attached ht_grid_list_view.php with adjusted bootstrap checkbox fix. (so to avoid the css hack) Any other module using jquery should also now be ok but keep me informed ht_grid_list_view.zip
  12. That doesn't look like a community version