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  1. Hi Mark, I'm about to begin a rewrite of the modules section
  2. Yes, I'm working on it, here's the fix for the widescreen view (admin/includes/modules/dashboard/d_quick_links.php d_quick_links.zip
  3. That's a better approach, have updated files so next release will include. If you also add the class fa-fw they will line up better too
  4. Did you replace the categories.php file with the version I attached earlier or simply change line 907 manually?
  5. Can't replicate the editor button issue but here's the fixed categories.php file for the copy product radio buttons on line 907. categories.zip
  6. Here's the other 2 jquery modules too ht_jquery.zip
  7. This is caused by the jquery reference, to fix simply move the jquery script link (assets/js/jquery.min.js) in admin/includes/template_bottom.php to admin/includes/template_top.php (below the css links). Please find attached ht_grid_list_view.php with adjusted bootstrap checkbox fix. (so to avoid the css hack) Any other module using jquery should also now be ok but keep me informed ht_grid_list_view.zip
  8. That doesn't look like a community version
  9. I agree there should be focus on only one version of front and backend, but I'm afraid oscommerce cannot move forward until the official release becomes one of the same, and the oscommerce site itself is modernised. It has to compete with opencart, prestashop & magento to name but a few and to be frank, it has no chance in it's current form. For example, cpanel quick installers install the outdated official release, so why would people use it in preference to the competitors? Please send a link to the SoloMono version
  10. Thanks for letting me know, I will update master copy for later releases. I think the code in line 19 was intended to warn just before STOCk_REORDER_LEVEL was reached
  11. Thanks, this a designed to work the quoted version of BS, not the official release. It is obviously not practical for me to upgrade every available addon but will probably make an effort to do the more common at some stage. I will also look at feasibility of instructions.
  12. I would advise you to upload to a new folder so you can try it, simply copy your existing admin/includes/configure.php over and change paths. You can then run both admins to test.