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  1. Search with Cyrillic

    After your answers guys i started searching for the reason of my problem in the extensions that i have added to the website as i could get my head around why that is happening. AND I FOUND IT!!! it was nothing to do with the platform as OScommerce is working fine. A little add on that i have added for extra security has blocked the files for search but it was blocking them only in cyrillic STRANGE. Anyway here is the code which i've added in application_top.php for extra security. The add was "Security Pro 2.0 r11" just above: if ($request_type == 'NONSSL') { I have added the following code: include_once('includes/modules/fwr_media_security_pro.php'); $security_pro = new Fwr_Media_Security_Pro; $security_pro->cleanse( $PHP_SELF ); After i found in the instructions of the module that i can add exclusions i have added the following before $security_pro->cleanse( $PHP_SELF ); $security_pro->addExclusion( 'advanced_search.php' ); $security_pro->addExclusion( 'advanced_search_result.php' ); Now everything is working perfectly. Thank you very mych for your help and effords to solve the problem.
  2. Search with Cyrillic

    Thank you for your replay. Can you point me please where can i check if the date is the ASCII format. Also there only numbers used for selecting the date. I have also noticed now that when i am at the advance_search page and when i complete all of the fields and clicck on search no matter in which language i still get the error FIELD DATE FROM and FIELD DATE TO not completed correctly and the date format has changed after the click from 05/01/2018 to 05012018. Do you hava any idea where i can include / so its added after i click the search button? Thank you in advance
  3. Search with Cyrillic

    I have compared my file content with the one you have provided here and everything looks pretty much the same but just in case i have tested your code and the output its the same. I also checked the ERROR.log and found that this error occours everytime i am searching for something no matter in what language. [28-May-2018 16:26:45 Europe/Kiev] PHP Warning: mysqli_connect(): Headers and client library minor version mismatch. Headers:50549 Library:100015 in CATALOG/includes/functions/database.php on line 20 The code i have found on line 20 in the DATABASE.php file is this: $$link = mysqli_connect($server, $username, $password, $database);
  4. Search with Cyrillic

    All of the database tables are utf8_unicode_ci and the language encoding is defined as following in the particular language file: @setlocale(LC_ALL, array('bg_BG.UTF-8', 'bg_BG.UTF8', 'bg_bg')); but the problem still occures. Do you have any other idea what could the problem be ? Thank you in advance
  5. Search with Cyrillic

    Yes it does come with English only but usually they are a lot of different lanugage packs available. I have Bulgarian language installed at the moment.
  6. Search with Cyrillic

    Hello, I am running Oscommerce version Bootstrap edition and everything is running absoliutely fine but i found this annoying problem. When i search something in my store with LATIN everything is fine, the search results are displayed as they should be. When i try to search in CYRILLIC it sends me to the advance_search page and it says that some of the fields are not completed right in particular is the DATE FROM and DATE TO. Does anyone have an idea where the problem can be ? Thank you in advance.