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  1. petervd

    osCommerce v4 Beta 1

    Can I be added to the list of beta 2 testers? [addon] You showed me a wip version earlier this year.
  2. Perfect, I will give it a go! I guess I will see soon enough wether it works with MySQL 10 . I see, maybe it is an idea to add a note to the code you add to this topic which will not be part of your package so its clear for an interested user wether he needs to add that himself or not?
  3. Hi Hotclutch, I am interested to test your version to see if I can use it with my own shops. Are those links I see in the first page of this topic up-to-date or can I find your version with the latest changes elsewhere? You wrote its compatible with php 7.x, how about MySQL 10?
  4. petervd

    New management and osCommerce v4

    Yesterday I had a presentation where I was shown the beta in a development environment as well as seeing it in action on a couple of live webshops using google screenshare. I havent actually used it myself! I purely watched a presentation so I can not really say anything about its usability, its speed, its included features/modules/add-ons etc. But I liked what I saw so far. A nice, modern and extensive ecommerce software with a very decent looking default theme. The admin panel is very extensive, at times a little confusing due to all options and extra options. I was told they are reworking that to make it all a bit clearer and easier to use. I applied to be a beta tester for version 4.x and have decided to keep my stores at the current version and wait and see what version 4.x brings. 🙂 Thanks to Vadym for the presentation.