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  1. Hi guys! This is the scenario... my OSC version IS 2.3.1 but I already uploaded the new recommended version of OSC into a test folder, while my old site is still Live. I'm at the stage of linking the "test version" to a database, so for it I would need to create a backup of my working database, rename it, convert it/upgrade it, upload it and link it to the new "test version". So here are the pointers I need in order to keep moving forward... I know how to create the database backup and download it, but how do I rename it? or do I create a new database with the new name, and also backup and download? If so, how do I bring the data from the working database to the new one, just "importing" it? is this what "populate" means? Do I need to do anything else to this file before uploading again, so it can work with the new "test version"? if so, what exactly and how? Once ready, where exactly do I upload it to in order for the new "test version" to access it? Also, actual PHP is 5.2.17, according to my provider I can update to many other versions, so which should I update it to in order to work fine with the newest OSC version, but without the risk of disrupting my working 2.3.1 site? Is there anything else that would need to be updated, if so, what? Any guidance will be very much appreciated, thanks in advance! ;-]#
  2. Upgrading to the latest version

    Jack_mcs... as per the "database conversion" and the thread you gave me, could I backup my database with another name (if so, how can I do this) and convert that instead, and be the one I link to the new installation being tested, this way my live site keeps using it's regular database and we are all happy? thanks!
  3. ...silly, you even wrote it at the beginning of your initial response, my bad ...thanks! ;-]#
  4. I opened the local version of "includes/configure.php" file, and it does not show a PHP version, but "includes/version.php" file shows "2.3.1" ...or I should check the remote file?
  5. ...thanks again Jack_mcs! I'll double check with my provider about the version upgrade and the possibility of breaking our working database, although yesterday I asked them a similar question and this was their response... "Since your account is hosted on the CloudLinux-based server you can easily switch between PHP versions via your cPanel interface: please access cPanel control panel >> Software/Services section >> Select PHP version. Changing PHP version via phpSelector is safe for your site" They actually have 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, 7.0, 7.1, and an option that says "native 5.6" to choose from. Again, I will have to make sure that whatever I do won't disrupt our live site, or review the ways to prevent it, or correcting it, if I myself between a rock and hard place! ...gotta do some reading before moving forward with it. ;-]#
  6. Thanks again Jack_mcs. So I downloaded the zip file, unzipped it and uploaded all those files into a "test folder" (new location) in my sub-directory. When I visit it displays the "Welcome to osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3.4" screen; on the left side there is a column titled "Server Capabilities", and all are "thumbs up", except for PHP Version, which indicates mine to be 5.2.17. I understand that I can upgrade it via the "cPanel" (WebHostingBuzz is our hosting service), but which PHP Version should I select?, and would selecting it mess with my actual running site? As per the database goes, I see I have three active; how do I know which one is my running site actually using -unless it is using all; in any case, already backed them all up and are safely stored, just have to figure out how to update my PHP Version and upgrade the databases as well. Again, thanks for the help! ;-]#
  7. "2006 - MySQL server has gone away" message

    Thanks Jack_mcs, will look into it.
  8. Hi Guys! I'm a newbie trying to get under the hood with osCommerce; we are actually running v2.3.1, and planning to upgrade soon. I was just told that somebody had placed an order, an even called our company to confirm, but the person that receives those emails says that did not receive that particular order. So I went ahead and placed an order myself, and I did receive an "order confirmation email" in the registered email, but the attached message was display in a new window after placing the order. Can anyone shed some light as to what went on? any input would be very much appreciated, thanks.
  9. 2.3.4 to Bootstrap

    ...thanks BrockleyJohn. Will look into it and get it done, thanks again. ;-]#
  10. 2.3.4 to Bootstrap

    Hi, can you explain me how to create the "test directory"? We are actually using 2.3.1 version, and would like upgrade, but need to test-run first, and I just don't know where to start, thanks in advance! ;-]#
  11. HI Guys, Trying to bring our website up to date, but would like to do it gradually, so will be going from 2.3.1 to 2.3.2 to avoid any disruptions. What should I expect? just download the corresponding update package, hit OK and watch it do its thing? or does it require me to do anything in particular? Any guidance will be of great help, I have already downloaded the correct package, so will be waiting for any feedback, thanks!