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  1. oishf7


    i was running out the door to head out of town and "just decided" to try and recompile cURL etc five minutes before i was leaving. in my haste i did not have a chance to read your post for the fix BUT thank you for pointing it out!!!!!!!! much appreciation for this active community!!!!!!!!
  2. oishf7


    I have the module working and successfully tested...but when i log into my echo account, it is storing the year wrong for the credit card. ex. my test was 2006, showing as 2003 under the Exp Dt heading.... it is displaying properly in my database and in my osCommerce admin.
  3. oishf7


    at least the example page does... I had to recompile cURL with SSL. Then i went a head and stopped and restarted the server... php didn't see the new curl until i did that... NOW to test the payment module.!!!!!!!!
  4. oishf7


    curl --version curl 7.10.3 (i686-pc-linux-gnu) libcurl/7.10.3 OpenSSL/0.9.6 zlib/1.1.3 Alex i recomipiled cURL and now my cURL info says this.... Do i now have to recompile PHP to work with this newly compiled version of cURL? It would be helpful in the future to add the directions of complile cURL with SSL to help prevent others from running into this same problem. This is how the current Read Me file reads: directions: 1) Install the catalog and admin code (use the _CVS_ version (2.2)) from osCommerce 2) Make sure to install CURL 3) You will need the cvs version of PHP and you _MUST_ compile with --with-curl I am leaving town for the next two days but can't wait to get back at it on thursday! Thanks for your reply alex!
  5. oishf7


    I have removed the > sign from my account number and I am working with a Live Account that they have verified as Live and in their system. I was also looking at the ECHO php class file from the Open Echo website that i downloaded with their php example file to test on my server. I see that they recently made an update 03-21-2003 - fixed issue with cURL 7.10.3 + Win2k -Salim. Not sure but i think this latest version of cURL (which i am running) may be the root of my problem, even though i am on a Linux box and not Windows. I'll post back when i have an answer.
  6. oishf7


    I wanted to add when i referred to having the same problem as well, what that problem is in case it isn't obvious. Quote: Verification of your account FAILED. Please go back and replace your order. Running Loaded 5 MS1 on linux with curl (working) php 4.1.1 using my own SSL certificate with 128 encryption.
  7. oishf7


    I have been having the same problem as well. I have called the ECHO programmers and have not been given much help at this point. They have asked me to submit an e-mail to developer-support@echo-inc.com with my problem. To be fair, it has not yet been a full business day to give them a chance to respond. I will add though, that i find it dissapointing that they would not put me in touch with a person that works specifically with the ECHO Cart (their osCommerce powered storefront) or the osCommerce module add-on, but instead insisted on using e-mail as the mode for communication. I do understand that customer problems should go through a process, but that process should be flexible and Customers should be able to talk directly to a person if their situation warrants it or if they ask specifically to do so. I did find out that the gentleman Alex Schultz? that wrote the module for ECHO is a contractor for the company so in house support may not be available. Hopefully, they will respond tomorrow and i will be able to sing their praises in this forum later in another post as i know that it is important for future osCommerce users to have accurate information about the level of service provided by different companies when making the decision of which credit card processing vendors to use in the future! To ECHO's detriment i will add, that the prices quoted for the transaction rate on their website and by their sales team were not the same as what the prices printed on their merchant banking agreement when it arrived. The price i was given to sign was 1/4 percentage point more. I am still investigating the reasons for this. Certainly, It may do with my volume and/or my existing credit, which is not perfect but not too bad, just like a lot of people. I only mention this as something for future osCommercer's to be aware of and to ask questions ahead of time.
  8. oishf7

    Gift Voucher Redemption Problem...

    I am writing only to confirm that i am having the same problem too. Using Loaded 5 and OsCommerce Credit Class add-on (4.2). If i find the solution, i'll post back!