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    Column Controller Woes

    I have also installed the Column Controller. My Column Controller tool page does allow me to specify left or right column like all the other infoboxes. So I think your table has not been fully loaded, as Steve (241) says. See for a snapshot of the bottom portion of my configuration data. That portion only shows a portion of my Column Controller tool page but it shows the relevant portion. After getting that working, I had a problem with a loginbox.php file not being found; that problem is described in another thread.
  2. I have those entries. The problem is the existance of the php file, not the configuration data. See for a snapshot of the bottom portion of my configuration data. That portion only shows a portion of my Column Controller tool page but it shows the relevant portion. The problem I encountered next is described in the other thread.
  3. I have installed the Column Controller w Admin v2.1 and it is working. Except I got the following error when the login box was enabled: The login box was enabled by default; I did not enable it. I cannot find loginbox.php anywhere in the contribution or in osCommerce without the contribution. So I assume this is just an oversight; I see that there are multiple loginboxes available separately. Or did I miss something or mess something up that I am not aware of?
  4. Well, thank you for the help. I did try to find previous answers, but I limited the search and did not search this forum. So I would not have found the (your) other answer. So the remaining records are now inserted and the Column Controller seems to be working now. My modifications to column_left.php and column_right.php are gone, of course; I expected that. So now I have my columns reset to the defaults and now I can proceed to modify the columns using the Column Controller. The Column Controller is under the Administration Tools, so as I said, it seems to be working. This contribution does add some useful flexibility. I wonder if it can be generalized further; I see that there is coding that is specific to each box that perhaps could be generalized somehow. That is another possible project for me to add to my long list of things to try.
  5. Thank you, I will try that. I assume my question got moved; I had forgotten about this other forum. Now that I look at the SQL, I see that there are about 39 records that got inserted preceding the one that got the error. I assume that I need to remove the hard-coded configuration_id for the remaining few records also. I also assume that the hard-coded configuration_id values (182-186) do not need to be hard-coded; I hope so. I did understand that the error message is saying that the configuration_id already exists, but I was not sure what to do about it.
  6. I am trying to install the Column Controller w Admin v2.1. I think it is installed, except I encountered an error loading the database. I used phpMyAdmin to load the one record for the configuration_group table; it worked. I then selected the configuration table and then copied and pasted the SQL (provided with the contribution) to insert to that table. I got an error; the following is most of it: I assume the answer is simple but if I can get a little help then I do appreciate that. Note that this was the first and only time I tried to execute that SQL.