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  1. azziman


    adjusting the commision percentage? how do i do that? it is set to as default 10%? i dont mind adjusting it via the code - but i do not now where to change it from?
  2. i have tried to install the contribution but the steps involving /includes/form_check.js.php are not working as the codes are not there the contribution link is here
  3. azziman

    Paypal IPN - Do I Even Need It?

    could be i didnt think towards that
  4. azziman

    Paypal Confirm Email

    auto return where is that?
  5. azziman

    footer alignment

    thanx for the replies Jack_mcs and Safoo . it turned out that he added it in the css sheet to left and not center. small problem = big headache ;) lol
  6. azziman

    footer alignment

    id like to know how to do this coz mine is stuck on the left.