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  1. FifthTimeRegistering

    At a loss with USPS

    I have the exact same problem. Can you tell what the fix was? THANKS!!
  2. FifthTimeRegistering

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    Wow - quite an improvement since I first install this contribution!! It seems to have dropped support for Purchase Orders though. Is there a way to make them work again without a major rewrite of the code? Could not any comments on this in the forum. Thanks Golf Training Aid Gold Training Aid
  3. FifthTimeRegistering

    Credit Class/Gift Vouchers/Discount Coupons 5.10

    HI This mod works great except for a few things that are driving me crazy. I activated the section that lets the customer pay the shipping with the gift certificate and it does not work. I have looked at the code and it appears to be correctly installed. The settings also look correct. Nothing seems to make it work. Also, this mod used to have a box on the right that showed the voucher balance but that is gone. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Golf Training Aid
  4. FifthTimeRegistering

    Support Thread for Supertracker Contribution

    This is a great idea. I wish I had found this contribution a long time ago. Thanks, Restaurant Menus
  5. FifthTimeRegistering

    Seach Engine Friendly URL Support

    I was wodering about that also. Thanks, Gold Training Aid
  6. FifthTimeRegistering

    Automated FedEx Labels

    That sounds like question for FedEx Customer support. There are several things you need to do to get into there database. In the USA the number is (800) 238 6960. Good Luck Restaurant Menus - Free
  7. FifthTimeRegistering

    Authorize.net Time Out Errors

    Yikes!! We just had situation where a customer made payment through Authorize.net and we didn't receive a payment. They say it was a time out error. I assume the Authorize.net contribution waits for a positive response before it confirms the order. I wouldn't be that big a deal if the credit card info was stored in the db but it is not. There is no way to get it short of calling the customer which is a great sale killer. I found this thread: http://www.sitepoint.com/forums/showthread.php?t=175949 and it doesn't look good. Can anyone else help me out. We cannot afford to sell things for free? Thanks!! After reviewing the programming I find that it does indeed wait for a positive response. We asked the person that made this erroneous transaction to try it again and they agreed. Amazingly it had the same response. Order confirmed but Authorizenet timed out. We waited three days and still no money. We have run many good, confirmed transactions and declined transactions and have not been able to duplicate the problem. We also don't know what browser they are using but know they are using DSL. Anybody have any ideas? Thanks.