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  1. This worked for me to get back International Rates but I get the following warning. There are several of them. Looks like one for each rate. I just posted 3. Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in/home/XXXXX/public_html/includes/modules/shipping/usps.php on line 110 Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in/home/XXXXX/public_html/includes/modules/shipping/usps.php on line 110 Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in/home/XXXXX/public_html/includes/modules/shipping/usps.php on line 110
  2. Monk

    [Development] Products Specifications

    Hi Everyone / kymation - i came across this thread and the contributions sounds like exactly what I am looking for to extend one of my sites. I am starting the installation but was wondering if anyone has some example links to filtering examples? I have around 40K products across about 12 main categories and 600 brands. The main specifications would be Color, Width, Length, Size, Brand, Type, Price and Type. Each product has a unique value for each one of these meaning an item does not have more then one color (usually) and the Brand / Width / Length are specific to each product. As an example there are probably 15 colors, 20 lengths, 20 widths and 60 brands per main category. So staring at a main category which could have around 6K items a few specific clicks could get the user down to the 12 or so products they would want to see. Looking forward to seeing it in action. If I get something up and running before any replies I'll post back some screen shots. Thanks in advance for the demo links.
  3. Thanks for the update. Last night I had installed the newest version on about 5 sites. Some of them worked like a charm and one of them not. This morning one of the sites stopped giving rates and I think it was after the client modified the selected rates. I removed and added it back and worked fine. So I think you are onto something there were one of the rates NOT being selected is killing it. Another one of the sites International worked fine but domestic did not give any rates which is the site I got that error "-2147219101 Missing value for Service" I think it could be one of the other settings like Retail vs Internet - no idea what that does..... Thanks again. If I figure it out for my sites at least I'll come back and make a detailed post.
  4. Awesome that you fixed it.....any way you could provide some more detail on what you fixed, how it was fixed or what was wrong? That would help myself and anyone else doing a google search for "-2147219101 Missing value for Service oscommerce" and coming across this forum post. Thanks
  5. Ok - here is another question. I thought I new my PHP ok - but take a look at this line: if ($onepage['shippingEnabled'] === true){ Is there not an extra = sign in that statement?? nevermind....i am an idiot: http://php.net/manual/en/language.operators.comparison.php
  6. i might have a version in the next day or so that once you finish filling in the Zip code the class for the createaccont gets pulled and all the customers info is inserted into the database This will fix my error with the state as well as what I am trying to do with the lost carts also working on have the update cart button and the redeem coupon button on the same submit action. One less step for the customer.
  7. includes/classes/payment.php
  8. make a copy of the original infobox class and call it inforbox2 then use that - editing it to do what you want with the titles
  9. steve - did you get a chance to look at the State error? Everyone should be getting it
  10. where is there is an error on the page submission - like a bad credit card entry - then the Billing State does not stayed filled in - but all the other values do. The user then has to reselect the state to get the Payment Methods to show
  11. Is anyone else having the same issues I am with the State Fields?
  12. Thanks.....i emailed them I think the issue with the State Field not staying filled an a post error has to do with the following in the onepage_checkout.php file: global $onepage; if ($manualCid !== false){ $country = $manualCid; $name = 'billing_state'; if ($key != 'billing'){ $name = $key . '_state'; } }else{ $country = $_POST['cID']; $name = $_POST['fieldName']; if ($name == 'billing_state'){ $key = 'billing'; }else{ $key = 'delivery'; } } and then the isset($onepage[$key]['state']) ? $onepage[$key]['state'] its not keeping the State set as a variable. No idea how to fix it yet....but if anyone else has any ideas....would love to hear them
  13. not sure what the email address is.....for a few days there I thought you were with them steve.....by how much you have been helping people!!!!
  14. I went back to the demo site and tried it and the same error occurs using their CC payment method: http://www.itwebexperts.com/onepagecheckout/checkout.php
  15. Here is a new bug I found: I am using the cc_cvv payment module that just captures the customer CC info and stores in the database. If the person has a typo in the CC number - for example not enough digits they get an error when processing and pushed back to /checkout.php?payment_error=cc_cvc&error= Which is fine. The error I found is that the State Drop down in the Billing Address is now still selected - but has the required icon next to it and you have to select another State and then reselect your State again to make the Payment Methods appear. Hope this makes sense.