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  1. Same! I would like to use it for my clothing store.
  2. I have just installed contribution. When I load my shop it is only a blank page. I have added the agents field but that didn't do anything. Can't seem to get it to work! any ideas?
  3. thisheart

    Advanced Tag Cloud

    I have currently installed tagcloudlike from the contributions page link: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/4498 What I am hoping to do is assign tags to individual products - not just use their 'Product Name' and 'Manufacturer Name' You can see the installed tag module here: medic.ac/shop (it may or may not be working at the moment because of development) The kind of tags I would like to assign are: Style, size, colour, etc. As well as product names. Has anyone worked on something like this? Or do you have any suggestions? >_<
  4. thisheart

    newbie zones question

    me too
  5. thisheart

    Master Products - MS2

    Can you please let me know how to do this? I have plesk 7 and myphpadmin installed. Im just not sure where to start. :blink: On another note, I had my shop up and working, but when I uploaded the MS2 files I get this error message: FATAL ERROR: register_globals is disabled in php.ini, please enable it! I think I changed a file to fix this problem before, do you know what file that would have been? I am on a shared server so I can't change the php.ini file myself. However, I did ask my host to change this, he said that he did but I still get this message. Thanks! ps. if you know how to fix the problem of not been able to add products into the shopping cart, can you please point me in the right direction. I have searched the forums and have not been able to find the solution.