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  1. Karthika

    Fatal Error in Event Calendar

    Hi waitsee, In the contribution link you have provided, I see only for MS1. Is there any other contribution for event calendar for MS2? OR you used the event calendar MS1 code in Oscommerce MS2 and it solved your problem. Thanks
  2. tlelliott77, Thanks very much. I had put an incorrect file, Order_Info_Check.php, in the path catalog/includes/modules/Order_Info_Check.php How did I get the incorrect file:- When I had unzipped the file ,PWA_0.71.zip, there were two Order_Info_Check.php files and didn't unzip with 'folders option' and so got the wrong file in the 'current' folder into which I had unzipped. After Reading your post I had unzipped with 'folders option in winzip' and put the correct file in the path catalog/includes/modules
  3. Hello All, When I am in "Proceed Directly to Checkout" and click "Checkout", I am getting Order_Info.php executed. But I am getting question marks (?). Like below ?First Name: ? How and where do I remove these question marks? Thanks very much
  4. Karthika

    unofficial LinkPoint api patch

    kinetek, How did you fix that? When I used http://www.biotherapystore.com/lptest/PHP_FORM_MIN.html I got the following Status: < Error: < Any idea what's going on with this? BTW, in the lptest folder I have only the following files xxxxxx.pem, PHP_FORM_MIN.html, PHP_FORM_MIN.php & lphp.php. Do I need any other files?