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  1. Anyone put this IP and Geo location content module together as a single user friendly add-on?
  2. Cary

    Google XML Sitemap SEO

    Anyone get Google XML Sitemap to work with SEO URLs 5? XML links are not SEO URL formatted.
  3. Cary

    Database Optimizer

    Jack, I have the "Optimize Database Period" and "Analyze Database Period" to "1". Checked ALL option and selected "update" and below was the response. Store database has been optimized. Customers tables were trimmed. Customers (old) tables were trimmed. Products Notifications table was cleaned. ( Removed 1 record: 0product: 1 ) Credit Card data was removed from the orders table. Orphan entries were removed from the address book table. Orphan entries were removed from the products table. Sessions table was trimmed. Database was analyzed. Database was optimized. Initial size was 114835995. Final, optimized, size is 114637174. Space Recovered: 194.16 KB So, I still have +42k orders from as far back as 2010. I feel like I'm missing something but "Customers (old) tables were trimmed" is shown. Let me know what you think when time permits. Thanks! Cary
  4. Cary

    Database Optimizer

    Hey Jack, Thanks for all your input and contributions to OSC over the years. Maybe I'm misunderstanding one of the features to remove old customers and old orders. But, none of my customers are being removed. In Configuration -> Database Optimizer, we have Truncate Customers Old set to 365 days and Truncate Customer Orders Opt B set but old customers and orders (from 2011) still remain. The other functions seem to run and we get an email "Database has been optimized" with a "Space Recovered: 34.82 MB" the first time. I found one error in the code admin/includes/modules/database_optimizer_common.php on line 41 "case 'Oot A': break; //delete customers and leave orders" where I believe it should read "case 'Opt A': break; //delete customers and leave orders" But correcting that made no change with the old orders after running the Optimizer again. Thoughts? Do you need more details to diagnose? - Thanks! Cary