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  1. Cary

    PayPal App - PayPal Standard IPN

    Did you ever get a definitive solution for this? I get a log full of errors “Trying to destroy uninitialized session“.
  2. Cary

    sandbox payment not working

    You mind sharing the solution? I'm having a similar issue.
  3. Installed Braintree Payment Module v2.01 which updated to 2.011. After entering all the Configuration and Credential settings provided by Braintree, we get this error on checkout_payment.php. Warning: in_array() expects parameter 2 to be array, null given in /home/XXXXXXXXXX/public_html/includes/modules/payment/braintree_cc.php on line 1277 Seems like it's looking for an option other than PayPal. Braintree > Configuration > Credit Cards under "Payment Types" (Enable the payment types to make available) only shows PayPal. I feel like this should show others like Visa, Mastercard, American Express, etc. If we select PayPal (which is the only option) it simply loops back to the same page (checkout_confirmation.php) without an error. Thoughts from anyone with experience setting up or using the Braintree App 2.01 on osCommerce 2.3.4? BTW, we have the PayPal App 5.018 working and it's been running fine for years.
  4. Hi Jack, Thank you for the prompt reply! One other question. The previous version I had allowed the model number to be added to the SEO Url. Is that an option I'm missing or is that something I can add if not baked in? Thanks! Cary
  5. Hi Jack, Installing on Phoenix 1.0.7 and I went to install href_link.php (catalog/includes/functions/) and a file with the same name already exists. Do I replace the file or add your code to it? Thanks! Cary
  6. Cary

    Paypal Standard Payments Failing

    From Earlier: Your case was created. We do strive to provide a response as soon as possible and remember you can also always log back into the this same portal and view/update your ticket. If you do not hear anything from us, chances are your spam settings or ISP may potentially be blocking our email. We suggest you check your spam settings. Our response will come from the email address merchanttechsupport@paypal.com Our email address can be added to list of approved contacts to reduce it from being blocked https://www.paypal-support.com
  7. Cary

    Paypal Standard Payments Failing

    Same experiences as others. I've been looking at TLS1.2 as a potential issue also but https://www.ssllabs.com and https://gf.dev come back fine for TLS1.2. But I get an error with Test Connection (PayPal > Configure > Details General > SSL Version > Test Connection) "Default Setting: Failed TLS v1.2: Failed" I can receive status from previous orders within admin (Orders > PayPal > Details) Transaction ID: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Payer Status: unverified Address Status: Confirmed Payment Status: Pending Payment Type: instant Pending Reason: authorization
  8. Anyone ever discover the solution to this issue? Just stated happening on our site on Saturday night. I tested the process and "clicking" the return to merchant gives an Error: "Could not verify the PayPal transaction. Please try again." Nothing changed on the site and more than 24 hrs have passed since this began. All standard credit card pay work fine.
  9. Yes! Well alrighty then! Seems to work just as expected, I'll do some more testing to be certain.
  10. Thank you @Denzel for taking a look at this. I believe it's in the product_images.js file (catalog/admin/ext/aas/plugins/product_images/js/product_images.js) but that's just a guess. Thank you @gadlol for providing a source link.
  11. Yes, still looking. I would love to get a corrected/updated file.
  12. Well that sucks. Dropped $50 on the add category and add product add-on license. I understand the need for income for past and future development but I'd at least hope the existing features work properly. I thought this add-on was a little quirky in the beginning but I've come to appreciate the complexity since we list the same products in multiple categories due to vehicle year. Can you at least provide a little direction on simply making the copy product work with all the images like the move product function works?
  13. Any progress on the copy function copying the all the images instead of just the main? As I mentioned before, the move works as expected by the copy only copies the main image. Thanks! Cary
  14. Sounds good. I noticed when we move a product from one category to another it moves the all the images as expected. Don't know if this is part of the same routine but I thought it might be helpful.
  15. Looking for help with copying products to another category. I've used AAS for a while and really like it but when we copy products from one category to another it only copies over the main image. The alternate or large images aren't copied over. Anyone have experience with this or are we doing something wrong? Thanks!