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  1. @steve14 Thanks Steve. I'm not real clear about the 'change text that shows in the areas'. The text in the CM_footer_text.php file is default "Lorem Ipsum simple dummy text". Nothing showing on my site that has this content. I'm pretty clear on the instructions in the file. It's for 'About Us' but paragraph text is not showing anywhere. There must be a file calling this one that is not enabled. Do you know what file calls it? My site is if seeing it might identify what produces text in the footer. It might be helpful for all but hand Helds. I'll worry about that issue when (if) it comes up. Thanks for your help.
  2. Hello all, I'm having a little trouble locating the file(s) to edit terms and conditions, Privacy statement and Shipping and returns text in the corresponding .php files. I'd be grateful if someone could point me in the right direction to find the file(s) that put the text in the .PHP files these links at the (left) foot of the index page point to. Thanks in advance.
  3. @@healthy Giraffe A little before you posted this I used the self install to 'update' 2.3.4 Community Master BS version. It killed all access to Paypal. I've since reinstalled the program and not responded to the update message. From what I gather from yours and other posts I'm still confused as to whether or not the latest iteration is safe to install into the Community Master BS version. Can you enlighten me please? Other app I'm running Paypal on gives me a direct drop into credit card processing with the option of using an account if you are already a PayPal customer. Would I be correct in presuming the latest iteration of the app for osC will also give me this function or should I wait for 2.3.5 version? Thanks in advance.
  4. I recall (I do that a lot) seeing where someone had integrated Tiny MCE editor in osC but for the life of me can't find the post now I need one to edit my terms & Conditions, shipping etc. So can I create a HTML5 file for these things or should I struggle with the PHP files and keep it uniform? The Tiny MCE editor looked at the time to be a workable solution if I could just find the article. I do realize a simple difference that allows me to save a html file as php but this I've found in the past is fraught with danger for newcomers when other php code is involved. I guess by now you've realized coding PHP is not my best capability but I'm learning slowly. As usual all help appreciated.
  5. Hello again, I need to use a method of selecting colors and quantity (for reduced prices) when customer chooses to buy a product. I recall seeing such a drop down option menu but can't recall where of if it works with 2.3.4 responsive master. Anyone have an idea?
  6. Thank you very much for that detailed reply. I'd pretty well adopted the attitude "Don't fix what isn't broken" 20 or 30 years ago. It's comforting to find others with the same belief. I'm using Express payments myself on several other domains I have. The thing I like about PayPal is their 24/7 support - by phone. I've begun populating the site now so it will need to last a year or two as it is. I'm very happy with the way its all working as it should. I just need a few things I'll work on later to tidy up the default template - maybe that's not the right word to use but I'm sure you get the meaning. I'll try installing the new PayPal app on localhost when I get time. Maybe next month. Thanks for the help. Its much appreciated. Ryadia
  7. Ping frankl. I've just reinstalled osCommerce and configured PayPal module that comes with 'Responsive-osCommerce-master'. I haven't yet bought anything but I can check my PayPal balance so its communicating properly. Something the previous (updated) version did not due. I'm already working in a state of confusion whenever I come up to a version name identical to one not being updated. Even the documentation for PayPal app 5_001 has confusion in it. "All osCommerce Online Merchant versions up to and including v2.3.4 require changes to be performed to the shop installation for advanced App features. Please review the Legacy Changes page" Fair enough except the documentation does not have a page of "legacy Changes" in it! I'm also concerned that the Documentation indicates on page 37 that this new version can be uploaded and automatically installed by doing exactly the same thing I did to stop it working. SO in drawing your attention to this, I'm asking if you are certain that if I install the PayPal App 5_001 the whole paypal system won't present a blank page? Cupidare seems to think the updated Paypal module still installs the filename constants and superglobals... Exactly what killed my first 'update' described in page 37 of the paypal app you gave me a link to. I'd really like to hear more about this app before I presume it works.
  8. Thank you John, I installed a fresh copy of osC on my localhost.... Created a fake user and 'bought' one of the default products. No problems. All went well. I'd really like to have the time to follow your suggestion but if I stuff it up (as I'm 50% likely to do) I'd need to reinstall to get myself out of trouble. So I decided that seeing as I only had a few items so far, I might as well do a full re-install. It took me 45 minutes on local host so I can handle that. I do appreciate your reply, perhaps as my coding skills improve, I can enjoy alteration like you suggested.
  9. Thanks for the reply Frank, I'm using the update the 'latest' version of edge or master says is available. This self installs. I did read that Harald had a paypal something I thought was just an addition to version 4 on Git marked 9 days ago but not being familiar with a heck of a lot of PHP I thought this must have been what I let osCommerce master install itself. Odd that now I can't get that message to come up again.
  10. Congratulations on what is starting to look like a solid and reliable version. I recently installed it. I know you are not concentrating on payment modules but when an update/upgrade is flagged by the application and installing it results in breaking what its supposed to fix, perhaps warning users to ignore it might be a positive step toward getting donations. I already have a responsive version I bought from Theme Forest. Its creator has no experience with PayPal. I removed that version and installed yours expecting to get Paypal (my primary card provider) to accept payments from osCommerce. Neither version do. I'm unsure now of how to proceed. I lack the knowledge to reverse the update and so far (in 3 days of constant looking) all I've got is one lone response informing me what has happened without any instruction on how to repair osCommerce. Can you help or provide someone who can? I just want my store to function. Thanks in advance, Duncan (ryadia)
  11. Does that mean by following the advise of osCommerce master itself, I've killed the paypal module? If I replace all but the config files will that result in Paypal actually working or do I need to do a complete re-install? Thanks for the reply.
  12. Additionally to the above... I installed an upgrade to PayPal when prompted by osCommerce. It returned a successful result.
  13. Hello all, I had PayPal walk me through getting API credentials, entered them in the appropriate page and configured express checkout for live sales. All I get when pressing either the Gold paypal button or using the checkout to purchase an item is a blank page. I've also got an issue with the landing page. Several times with both FireFox and Chrome browsers I get a page that hasn't read the CSS and configured itself. It's all text until I Press the browsers reload button. That will produce the landing page. IE doesn't seem to have this issue. Windows 8.1 64bit. LiteSpeed server on cPanel business class host using Synergy Wholesale in Australia. osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3.4 Checking version tells me the latest version is installed. PayPal account is 10 years old and functions quite OK using PayPal buttons in a form on other domains and when using their card reader via my iPad. I really would appreciate some help with this. PayPal have said there is nothing wrong their end. No calls to process payment have been received.
  14. I just installed version 2.3.4 master. It's a hugely different program than 2.3.4. I'm quite pleased with it. I must be terribly confusing for all but those who live daily with osCommerce that version 2.3.4 has so many forks to it and 'Edge' version is actually presented as 'Master' now... And its not a supported version! The master version I downloaded 2 days ago needs a new PayPal module. Thankfully the true power of Master shows up with checking and installing an update. The program does it all. Smoothly and without bother. Hats off the person who did this. I imagine when installing a fresh theme is as easy, OC will regain its place at the top of the heap.