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  1. roiphoto

    [Addon} Modular Front Page

    Hello, Oscommerce english, french php5.5.8 Modular Frontpage, a great contribution, congratulations to the author. I would like to run the rotation on all the pages of the site. I have browsed the 56 pages of the forum and I do not think I have found it. If someone has managed to turn the rotation on all the pages, please pass the code to me. Thank you.
  2. roiphoto

    Customer Add Product

    Hello A very nice contribution! ! ! Congratulations! The contribution works very well with oscommerce2.2rc1 in php 4.3.10. On the other hand, with oscommerce2.2.rc2a and php 5.5, I am redirected to the index at the time of the preview. None of the links you have mentioned are working. How to do. Thank you
  3. Hello I installed your contribution and it is very superb. I have also visited the forum and I can not find the solution to my problem although other people have stated the problem solved Here's my problem CAP 1.4. Oscommerce 2.2RC1 EasyPHP-12.1 with php 5.4.6 local When I fill the page account_add.php to put my product, I click on preview and I find on the index page. Links of this problem do not work How can I do ? Help please