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  1. I tried few packs like Polish, Danish, Spanish and all looks similar: http://i.imgur.com/VL6eMGR.png
  2. @Gergely Thanks for your answer. What about query you've posted. Are we supposed to see something in results?
  3. Sometimes when I register a new account or when I put all information to buy a product without an account (PWA BS module), there are some wrong orders in account history. It's serious issue, because it means that one client can see some orders of another clients, with all personal data. Also, I have loyalty discount module, so it counts those orders. I can't fully reproduce this problem, because it happens only sometimes, so it's hard to find a source of problem. Only one thing which I am almost sure is, it gets only orders done by clients without an account, but sometimes it's one order, sometimes few orders, usually none. Do you have any idea why does it happen?
  4. @raiwa @Gergely Since our last posts I've tried many times to get the problem again and it didn't appear even once. But I've seen in "Order history" box that if I would buy a product (checkout success) as guest and make an interrupt on choosing if I want to register an account, then the last order will be in the box even after restarting the server. Of course I know it's actually normal, because it disappears on next page and is being kept for someone who chooses to set the password, but maybe in some circumstances it's shown for another customers? Or maybe sometimes I can see those orders because it's still same session and if it would be another customers they would never be able to see that? @Gergely I've missed your questions. PHP is 5.3.21. I didn't make an update to because it's bootstrap edition I'm working on, so I guess it doesn't fit together. Your SQL query shows 16 rows. One is my own migrated account which I was using to tests, another are newer test accounts: https://i.imgur.com/Ugujox0.jpg I don't know what to do now, because I've spend a lot of time to get all backend & frontend to be ready for migration, but now I'm little bit scared if it won't happen again. Do you have any other ideas what should I check?
  5. @raiwa oh, of course I clean old database tables before importing another data into it. I need to check this customer id's, but now when I need it to occur, it doesn't happen :(
  6. Hi, sorry for long time of answer. At first I want to say that my shop migration from MS2.2 to BS Edge is still under testing in localhost, so there is nothing to worry about :) @burt @raiwa I'm using old ot_loyalty_discount.php order total module: https://apps.oscommerce.com/osgrq&customer-loyalty-discount-scheme It works in BS version with micro changes. I think it has nothing to do with this, just gets wrong informations as core engine. Ok, I will check it when the problem occurs once again, because now it doesn't want to happen and everything works as it should. Worst kind of problems, by the way. @Gergely Yes, it's true. Here are my session settings: https://i.imgur.com/IR4nkSP.png
  7. @raiwa maybe you got any (any) ideas what's the reason? I've done many tests yesterday and it didn't happen even once. But sometimes it is. I'm putting all data to register an account (or to buy without account), then it's being registered and in the box "Order history" and in account_history.php it shows some wrong orders, made by another clients.
  8. @auzStar thanks for your link, I've done little change, because at default, your addon gets randomly any product, which means that all available products could be selected as new. So in mysql query I used the order type taken from original 'What's new' box. In lines 251-252 and 277-278 of bm_whats_new_scroller.php exchange: order by rand() to order by products_date_added desc Anyway very nice addon. I've changed also data-slides from next-prev to prev-next (lines 99-100 and 105-106), because I think it looks better, when it slides in this way, but it's only my own opinion.
  9. Hi @auzStar, very nice addon! But, could you tell me how should I install this one? I think it's a box module, so the name would be bm_, but I can't find anything like this in your packages
  10. As in title, I need that value for my external payments service, it has worked in MS 2.2 as But now, as I can see, $order->info['total'] sends only a value of sub-total + shipping, without any order total module, so the value shown on checkout_confirmation is another than send by code above.
  11. I mean this carousel especially for 'What's new': https://www.auzcommerce.com.au/osc234bs_test_sec I've seen some 'carousel' plugins, but I'm not sure which one should I use
  12. @raiwa I tried to put that class from order_qtpro.php to order.php (before and after original class) and delete those two lines you've quoted, but it doesn't work then - stops to change the quantity of bought attribute. But, if I just delete: $order = new order_qtpro; It still works as it should (order goes thru and stock of attribute is changed). Are you sure I need to make that change? Payment module is local polish service called dotpay, here is the original module file: https://pastebin.com/3zZCzAss
  13. @raiwa thanks for your answer I didn't, includes/classes/order.php is fully original (same bytes, also checked with notepad++'s "compare" plugin). Do you have any ideas how to get around of it?
  14. @raiwa I've done some "step by step" backups, so it was actually easy to find out what's the cause of my problem. It's about QTPro. It's all about one line of includes/modules/header_tags/ht_qtpro_stock_check.php. In function execute() there is a part with (starting at 61 line): } elseif (basename($PHP_SELF) == 'checkout_confirmation.php') { require('includes/classes/order_qtpro.php'); $order = new order_qtpro; All I have to fix my problem is delete the line: $order = new order_qtpro; Then my payment service gets the correct value of order, with price changes made by order_total modules. Luckily, it's your addon my friend :) So my question to you is, how important is that part of code? I don't think I can just put that in trash, so maybe you have some idea how to exchange it?
  15. Looks like it isn't a problem with clear osC, because I've tested it and it works right (don't know how, because if I would just echo $order->info['total'] it will show the value without extra modules, but in payment module it works as it should). @raiwa Do you have any ideas? :(
  16. Sadly, I don't think so :( @raiwa could you look at it? You are my master of osC
  17. Thanks for your reply @beerbee I know that. I mean, I need to get the final total value in the payment module, with some discounts, with some extra fees etc. It has worked in MS2.2 (by code shown above in quote), but it doesn't in bootstrap edition.
  18. @Jack_mcs I've tried to install the addon on blank shop, but it didn't work. I've also tried to use another localhost server. However, I installed addon mentioned by @mcmannehan and it looks like everything is as it should be. I didn't even use "file based character conversions" (as it's recommended in admin panel too) - works correctly without it. So thank you guys, and Jack - please look at it in your addon.
  19. @Jack_mcs the list of characters below is a name of product compound only with typical Polish letters. In the bottom you can see a link generated by SEO URLs. It avoids most of Polish letters, except ó=>o. Do you have any idea why? /// conversion works as it should if I would put character like e=>u then in link I will have 'u' instead of 'e'. The problem affects only specific Polish letters shown above
  20. Yes, I'm resetting this all the time when i'm testing anything. Any other option to check?
  21. @raiwa What I wanted to say there was that I thought the reason of problem could happen because i'm doing this at original english language, so SEO URLs addon doesn't handle another letters than eng standard. So I made polish language folder (based on english) to be used by osCommerce. Of course it didn't work. My shop is not yet available by public, i'm testing it at localhost. If you have any other idea what should I check, I'm determined to test it :) @Jack_mcs Please, have a look-see at my screenshots too, maybe you would have any idea why could it happen: http://i.imgur.com/A16VoRH.jpg
  22. Thanks for your interesting of my problem! I'm not sure if I understood you right, but I'm not using old polish language files. They are not working good with bootstrap edition. At first I was just using original english language with some changes like european date showing, but i didn't change anything like charset, because everything has been shown as it should. As earlier I supposed that non-standard character conversion doesn't work with polish letters on english language, I've duplicated it with few changes to being recognised by oscommerce as polish, but it didn't help. I'm using notepad++ and it shows that my lng files are coded in UTF-8 (without BOM). Also, in PHPMyAdmin every letter is shown as it should be. Please, look at my screen. Those are all polish letters. I've changed products_name directly in the database. As you can see, only ó=>o is working well. http://i.imgur.com/A16VoRH.jpg
  23. Thanks for your answers! @Jack_mcs Yes, this option works, just it doesn't with polish letters (except ó=>o which works well). @raiwa No, old polish language files doesn't work correctly with bootstrap edition. My /polish/ is actually a copy of english language with some changes (not fully done, only part of front-end), so charset is set to be as default utf-8 (in includes/languages/polish.php and in admin/.. too). Imported 2.2MS database tables were already converted to utf8_unicode_ci. Do you have any other suggestions, please?
  24. Thanks for that great contribution! I have a little issue in working with BS 2.3.4 edge. Looks like option "Enter special character conversions" doesn't work with polish letters. I've tested and it works well on 2.2MS, but in this old revision file admin/includes/languages/polish.php specifies charset as iso-8859-2. If I set it to UTF-8 (as it is on BS 2.3.4) it stops to convert characters too. I'm trying to set BS admin's language file into iso-8859-2, but then I can't even save my characters to convert (it saves as clear). I've tried also to use unicodes instead of polish signs directly. For example U+017C=>z or c5 bc=>z or ż=>z instead of just ż=>z, but it didn't work. Can you help me with that? :( It's important for me to get it work because i'm moving from old osC where it has worked and I want to keep old links as they were before.