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  1. @Jack_mcs I've tried to install the addon on blank shop, but it didn't work. I've also tried to use another localhost server. However, I installed addon mentioned by @mcmannehan and it looks like everything is as it should be. I didn't even use "file based character conversions" (as it's recommended in admin panel too) - works correctly without it. So thank you guys, and Jack - please look at it in your addon.
  2. @Jack_mcs the list of characters below is a name of product compound only with typical Polish letters. In the bottom you can see a link generated by SEO URLs. It avoids most of Polish letters, except ó=>o. Do you have any idea why? /// conversion works as it should if I would put character like e=>u then in link I will have 'u' instead of 'e'. The problem affects only specific Polish letters shown above
  3. Yes, I'm resetting this all the time when i'm testing anything. Any other option to check?
  4. @raiwa What I wanted to say there was that I thought the reason of problem could happen because i'm doing this at original english language, so SEO URLs addon doesn't handle another letters than eng standard. So I made polish language folder (based on english) to be used by osCommerce. Of course it didn't work. My shop is not yet available by public, i'm testing it at localhost. If you have any other idea what should I check, I'm determined to test it :) @Jack_mcs Please, have a look-see at my screenshots too, maybe you would have any idea why could it happen:
  5. Thanks for your interesting of my problem! I'm not sure if I understood you right, but I'm not using old polish language files. They are not working good with bootstrap edition. At first I was just using original english language with some changes like european date showing, but i didn't change anything like charset, because everything has been shown as it should. As earlier I supposed that non-standard character conversion doesn't work with polish letters on english language, I've duplicated it with few changes to being recognised by oscommerce as polish, but it didn't help. I'm using notepad++ and it shows that my lng files are coded in UTF-8 (without BOM). Also, in PHPMyAdmin every letter is shown as it should be. Please, look at my screen. Those are all polish letters. I've changed products_name directly in the database. As you can see, only ó=>o is working well.
  6. Thanks for your answers! @Jack_mcs Yes, this option works, just it doesn't with polish letters (except ó=>o which works well). @raiwa No, old polish language files doesn't work correctly with bootstrap edition. My /polish/ is actually a copy of english language with some changes (not fully done, only part of front-end), so charset is set to be as default utf-8 (in includes/languages/polish.php and in admin/.. too). Imported 2.2MS database tables were already converted to utf8_unicode_ci. Do you have any other suggestions, please?
  7. Thanks for that great contribution! I have a little issue in working with BS 2.3.4 edge. Looks like option "Enter special character conversions" doesn't work with polish letters. I've tested and it works well on 2.2MS, but in this old revision file admin/includes/languages/polish.php specifies charset as iso-8859-2. If I set it to UTF-8 (as it is on BS 2.3.4) it stops to convert characters too. I'm trying to set BS admin's language file into iso-8859-2, but then I can't even save my characters to convert (it saves as clear). I've tried also to use unicodes instead of polish signs directly. For example U+017C=>z or c5 bc=>z or ż=>z instead of just ż=>z, but it didn't work. Can you help me with that? :( It's important for me to get it work because i'm moving from old osC where it has worked and I want to keep old links as they were before.
  8. Oh, it was about address_book table, now all works :)
  9. Hello, i'm trying to migrate in step by step from 2.2 to 2.3.4 I've exported & imported customers table with all columns which are used by default in 2.3.4. I've also moved customers_info (with added two new columns used in 2.3.4 - password_reset_key and password_reset_day). Now, I can log into the migrated account, moreover, bootstrap version shows nice message "welcome John". However in admin backend some informations about old accounts are not being shown. If I click "Edit" the input fields are empty too. In really, it would not be such a big deal, but if the order is made by moved account, then informations about the buyer are not shown too, so I have no idea who made an order: I thought this could be because of a lot of changes done in v2.2, but I've tested it too with fresh v2.2 (with few accounts registered) to clean v2.3.4 (normal revision, not bootstrap) and the problem is the same. Do you have any ideas what should be done to move client accounts?
  10. That's sad. I've read this thread and I thought languages works well
  11. I tried few packs like Polish, Danish, Spanish and all looks similar:
  12. Can I get a value counted by ot_loyalty_discount before it's shown on checkout_confirmation? I would need to use it on checkout_payment. Here's the php code of an addon:
  13. Ok, I've solved it, so I'll let you know how I'd handle this. I installed an addon: And in: function process_button() { I added this: require(DIR_WS_FUNCTIONS . 'orders_id.php'); $new_order_id = tep_get_Order_ID(tep_session_id()); And in the code line from my post before i've exchanged $customer_id into $new_order_id In function after_process, i added this: function after_process() { tep_clear_Order_ID(tep_session_id()); That's all.
  14. Oh, @@14steve14 this problem was already solved, thanking to you and your link to the addon :) However, now I would like to add order_id into the description of the pay for payment module. By now it looks like this ('opis' means description): tep_draw_hidden_field('opis', STORE_NAME." - ".$mytitle.' ' . $customer_id . '-' . date('Ymdhis') ) . I know that order_id is generated later when checkout_process.php is started, so I'm not sure if it's doable, but if we could start that process in background before the payment is ended, maybe there is a way to solve this. @@mcmannehan yes, I use 2.2 and I can't change it now.
  15. Do you know any addons for getting order_id before checkout_process? I would like to add order_id into the name which is sended to the payment service. I found this however the readme file seems it's not really what I need. @@14steve14