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  1. I'm sorry if this has been asked a billion times before, but I've been struggling for weeks to get a shipping module that works for what I need. I basically want shipping by category (ie Category 1 = Price A - flat rate. C2 = PB, etc), with a combined option (Something from Cat A with something from Cat B = Price C). Ideally it would also extend beyond that for when I add more categories and would just recognize to charge "combined category items" as the "Price C" option, if that is at all possible? I've tried a couple of "shipping by category" add-ons but they never worked out or they flat out broke my osC. So if someone could help me out and/or point me in the right direction it would be appreciated. I'm running a standard edition 2.3.4 osC without anything fancy right now. I'm really new to this.