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  1. @PeterPorka You get an answer in the german forum. You see!!! Remember, i told you in the german forum, the WAWI you use is the big problem.
  2. nice, now same like the German forum
  3. @@CGhoST Thanks for the info. I did check it, i forget to change in /includes/modules/content/wdw_product_info_box/cm_wdw_product_info_box.php The new fix is online already.
  4. @@MrPhil Since i filter them out, my system is still running very well, nothing breaks. I filter them out only in the product link of the cart modul in the header here: catalog/includes/modules/navbar_modules/templates/shopping_cart.php
  5. Paypal standard works fine. Only the PayPal App v5.018 Express Checkout and the other stuff makes problem. I am borring about the Paypal modul. No SEPA, no pay with bill. The Paypal App in this Version is not suizable for the EU/German Law. Some of my customer get problem with the law right now. The Express Checkout have to show all cost in EU/Germany this the court speak. I still don't understand why osC development don't care the /EU/German law. Everything is bugy!!! Now i will start to programming my own APP.
  6. @raiwa I did check this, but shipping cost still not show. Shipping adress is available. For me the Paypal add-on is bugy.
  7. You nee to change includes/modules/also_purchased_products.php too
  8. @@raiwa Thanks for the answer. The side is ssl.
  9. I want to use too, but still don't find.
  10. Is there a Paypal Plus add-on for osCommerce 2.3.4 BS and Gold? The PayPal App v5.018 add-on dosen't have SEPA Modul or Buy with Bill. Any sugesstion?
  11. osCommerce 2.3.4 Gold and BS Paypal Pro no shipping cost transferd to Paypal. Especially if Express Checkout used. The Paypal modul is bugy. Only Paypal Standard works. Any sugesstion what to do?
  12. I didn't test with that. No core file will be overwrite so install and check it out. If not working than deinstall and delete the files from the server.
  13. Cool the resolution, easy and good. I did change all SQL querrys to the MySQL 5.7 new mode. Only 5 files it work too.
  14. @@burt My code changes follow the "message system" of osC. That's my idea for that.
  15. @@burt My Fork at Github don't have this changes yet. And yes, thank you i saw, that the code (customer website) is missing. Funy stuff... 99.9% the people in front of the computer do wrong by them self. So me too.... Last update from the Server overwrite the local file by accident. The accident was? - me (w00t) So thank you for the information, attributes div based structure will be in the code soon.