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  1. echnaton

    COD for gifts? Can i disable it?

    How about if the COD module were to check that the delivery addresse is either empty or the same as the billing addresse - if not it would throw up a Javascript alert about COD only being allowed for the billing adresse and load the page to enter delivery/billing addresse again. That would be a simple and logical fix....can anyone suggest some code? Thanks!
  2. echnaton

    COD for gifts? Can i disable it?

    I'm setting up a shop, with various shipping and payment methods depending on zone. I've discovered it is possible for someone outside the 'home country' payment and shipping zone to order products for someone within the 'home country zone', and they are then allowed to choose C.O.D This seems a little dangerous, you could get pranks ordering from overseas and selecting COD, only for some unsuspecting person to get a delivery which they are then expected to pay for. Is there a way to change the COD module, to check the location of the billing adresse, and not the delivery adresse? Before I start trying to alter the PHP of this module, I thought it better to ask, as I'm sure others will have come across this little problem. I used the search but COD is too short to return results. Many Thanks! :thumbsup:
  3. echnaton

    Admin Access With Levels

    It's not just Cancelled Orders - It seems to be blocking all new contribs associated with Admin. I've just added Edit Orders, and it's not allowing me access to the database to amend the orders - I'm just getting forewarded to forbiden.php Someone with good knowledge of the inner working of this contrib must know why this is happening - it is a major issue, and need to be sorted. I'd have a crack at it myself, but without the background details it is a daunting task :unsure: Thanks!
  4. echnaton

    Admin Access With Levels

    A similar type of problem - it seems that this contrib is blocking out requests to the database from other installed contribs through the admin interface... Here's an example - I installed Cacelled Orders, but get the Forbiden.php when trying to see the list of all cancelled orders from the Admin. Users have no problem seeing their list of cancelled orders. Read about it here: http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?sho...72891&st=10&hl= Can anyone help? THANKS!