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  1. Thank you for the links. which one is the video of the hot air balloon shown in the link I sent?
  2. Thank you for the group link but I don't see a video header that I want for BS in that group or I just don't know what I am looking for. Could you please send a link for that particular header video addon. Thank you Ray
  3. Could someone please send me the link to the addon the allows you to add this video header https://chilleddisplays.co.uk/index.php to BS Edge
  4. JcMagpie, I wanted to thank you so very much for the hours you spent on my problem. I don't know if this is the correct place to thank you but Thank you so much for your help. I am going to apply them as soon as I can fix the user.css It's not working and will not make the changes. Oh well that's a different problem and a different thread. Thank you so much, you are a great person. Ray
  5. Again thank you so much Could you Please send me your email address or one not on the forum to ralgiere@socalcoralreef.com. I don't want this link posted it is a development site to test and I don't want anyone else going there
  6. As for the background image a bit more complicated I assume you want to use a image for the full background. If yes then add this to your user.css change URL to your image directory and the file to that you wnat to use. body { background-image: url("images/paper.gif"); } I would like to have an image just in the box where the products show in the entire box, not the full background.
  7. Is it possible to purchase it from you as a template?
  8. Thank so much you that removed the three buttons. Is there directions to set up a site to look like the test site?
  9. WOW what a great test site I wish mine looked like that. This is what i have in my content module
  10. Sorry it didn't move those buttons into the black area
  11. Sorry I posted before your second reply. sorry where in admin is it under includes?
  12. I guess I don't understand I would the make changes not change the color. "This is a add-on that makes the process of changing colors on your website a little simpler". I have already read this topic before posting. OK, Thank you for your help and I will read it again. Thank you Ray
  13. PLEASE HELP I have little of no idea on how to change the the layout of the site in Edge BS and I have looked at the 27 pages in this forum and can't find what I need.The cart contents and checkout needs moving into the black area. The second My chart has to be removed. The header image has to extend across the entire page. Also adding a background image to the site. I have tried before but if someone can help with a somewhat detailed description I can make the changes. Also I took down the site and added a temporary index page, I would like to make the changer and bring the site back on line. Please help and Thank you in advance Ray