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  1. tgritsop

    Shipping based on Table rate (by weight)

    Thank you for the input. I have created a dummy price up to 9.99:0 and coded the shipping module to check if the first block = 0 and the total weight of the order is < 9.99 then execution be aborted. This way the module is practically inactive if the weight to be shipped is less than 9.99; if it is more then the criteria of weight more than 10 kg is affirmed and the module is executed. Thank you all for the help!
  2. Hi all Just wondering how the weight and pricing can be written for the table rate shipping module. If I want to ship only between a certain range of weight (eg 10kg to 20 kg), how am I supposed to write it? I guess the syntax is 10-20: 50 in my shop, I have placed this syntax in the shipping module 10-14.99:197, 15-20.99:260, 20-24.99:322, 25-29.99:385 etc and the module is activated for weights below 10 kg too. Is there a way to overcome this case? thank you in advance