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    peteravu got a reaction from JuanOnnet in Attributes problems in Multiple Products with plus/minus buttons   
    I have installed Add Multiple Products with plus/minus buttons
    Very nice add.
    The only problem is products with Attributes, the Attributes do not show, and product with Attributes don not add to the Shopping Cart.
    The minimum must be that Attributes is showed and add to the shopping cart.
    The best would be that each Attributes was listed and could be added to the shopping cart with the plus and minus buttons.
    But how to make that?
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    peteravu got a reaction from mbmediablasters in Seperate Pricing Per Customer v3.5   
    Download the one from 8 mars 2011
    From; new_installations_2.3.1 – catalog use a compare tool to merge all the files.
    From new_installations_2.2 – install_separate_price_422 follow this

    Manual Installation Before beginning the manual install you need to: Upload five included image files to your site. They are (and located in): •catalog/admin/images/icon_down.gif •catalog/admin/images/icon_up.gif •catalog/admin/includes/languages/english/images/buttons/button_group_prices.gif •catalog/admin/images/icons/tick_black.gif •catalog/admin/images/icons/icon_tick.gif The first two are used in admin/customers.php (you may already have those if you use for example Quick Price Updates) and the other three are used in admin/attributes.php and admin/attributes_groups.php. Upload four new .php files: catalog/admin/includes/languages/english/customers_groups.php, catalog/admin/includes/languages/english/attributes_groups.php, catalog/admin/customers_groups.php, and catalog/admin/attributes_groups.php. Run the spcc_v421_install.sql database installation file on your MySQL database. Modify the catalog/includes/languages/english/login.php file to include the Site Administrator's email address. This email address is used for wholesale account notifications. You can find the appropriate section of that file by doing a search for the keyword root.