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  1. stevenlemon

    SPCC-wholesale-retail pricing

    I installed this program but there is no sign that I did so. What might I have missed. Using Bootstrap (Responsive)
  2. stevenlemon

    Message Box

    Jack; I have installed the latest version of the message box (01/04/2017) and I love it, but the second box feature does not work. If I set up the second box, I get the first box over and over. I use just one box (first or second) and it works fine
  3. stevenlemon

    Customer Checkout Blacklist for v2.3

    And thanks for keeping it a secret. Nobody else wanted to know.
  4. stevenlemon

    Discount Codes BS

    OK, so I don't know what happened, but I got the Discount Codes doing everything EXCEPT APPLYING THE DISCOUNT!!! I do notice that when I go to the modules =>Discount Codes link I see an error message: MODULE_CONTENT_BOOTSTRAP_ROW_DESCRIPTION Since I am not a programmer as most of you guys seem to be, I have no clue what that means, only that it doesn't look good.
  5. stevenlemon

    Discount Codes BS

    Addendum: When I include this option with a product, I see DISCOUNT CODES: immediately preceding the option, but without the code option there is no mention of discount code. Anyone wishes to check it out can go to http://www.kinyadiggit.us/store1/catalog/index.php and "order" anything BUT the end table which has no code attached. The store is not active, just testing, so you can't buy anything. I have spent so much time trying to get this software up to speed that I haven ot had time to produce any products.
  6. stevenlemon

    Discount Codes BS

    I installed it with and without the options and I have the same results as have been posted here. I'm beginning to wonder if these guys even test their projects before posting them. One thing I did find is when I created a MANUAL discount code (in attributes. I use I HAVE A CODE = -(percent in dollars) and I HAVE NO CODE. The customer chooses one or the other and enters the code in the COMMENTS section. The customer is advised that an incorrect code will void the transaction. Its the best I can do.
  7. stevenlemon

    Discount Coupon Codes in 2.3.3

    I have the addon installed, but how do I get it to show up with a product?
  8. stevenlemon

    the discount is not shown

    I think I'll just install the base program and rn it without the addons, the majority of which don't work, and it takes apparently years before anybody comes up with a plausible solution. The people who are supposedly helping us novices act as if we are all programmers and understand it when they run out these glib, cryptic statements that half of us don't understand, instead of just creating the file and uploading it without the modifications we have to make after downloading. The way things are now, I have spent the majority of my time trying to make these addons work and very little on running my business. The silver lining is that with all its faults (and there are many), OSC is the best shopping software I have used and I'm staying with it, but I sure am glad I didn't have to pay for it, although I certainly would if it worked half as well as these code writers seem to think it does..
  9. stevenlemon

    the discount is not shown

    So, is this a replacement, addition, where in the file does it go?
  10. stevenlemon

    Discount Codes BS

    I did all those steps and mine still doesn't work
  11. It seems easy enough to configure free shipping for all products but what if I want (and I do) to offer free shipping only on some products but not others?