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  1. OK I have sorted this issue, all I did was to open the offending page in textmaster, copy the whole text, delete the current text, then pasted back in place, all sorted. I hope this helps someone.
  2. Hi @Jack_mcs I have installed this very handy addon in my 2.3.4bs Edge shop, which uses an image as a background. When I copy and paste text from a Word document the text is seen on the page with a white background, (see attached screenshot), is there a way around this without needing to type the whole page directly. Thank you in advance. Regards Shaun Doc3.docx
  3. Hello Rainer @raiwa First to clarify I have 2.3.4bs Edge. Sorry this is my error, I did not see the further option of adding another large image below the image I had just selected. Thank you for your time, this is a great addon. Regards Shaun
  4. Hello all I need to have multiple images for each product, as I will be selling antiques and vintage items. Does anyone know of a multi image addon that does not interfere with the kissIT installation? Shaun
  5. OK, sorry Jack, please ignore my previous post. Obviously this needs to be run when you are live or about to go live. Regards Shaun
  6. @Jack_mcs Hi Jack I have been looking into your Google XML sitemap, sorry in advance if this is a stupid question, when is the best time to install and run this, is it during development, or when the site is up and ready to go live? Regards Shaun
  7. Hello again Jack I have just seen your All Products SEO at the bottom of your post, I will have a good look through these. Regards Shaun
  8. Hello Jack Thank you for your suggestions. I will have a look at the HTS's installation and also install the Google Sitemap. Thank you again for your time. Regards Shaun
  9. Hello to all. For shop owners, is it necessary, or even needed to install SEO above and beyond what is already included in Edge 07/17 version? Regards Shaun
  10. Hello Christoph I have just discovered the problem, my screen was magnified! My mouse pad has pinch magnification and I must have inadvertently increased magnification, I knocked it down a notch and there we have it, all sorted. I am truly sorry for the waste of your time. Kind regards Shaun.
  11. Hi Christoph Sorry that went right over my head, you must remember, I have no idea what I am doing! Could you please explain using language for an idiot. Best regards as always Shaun
  12. Hello Christoph Yes I saw these settings, mine are the same, I was hoping that the icons were not altered by KissIT, darn. Why should the size be different on different browsers? Firefox and MS edge are fine, Chrome is larger. Regards Shaun
  13. Hello again, I seem to have just a small, (or is it a too large) problem. The icons used in the "We Accept" box in the left hand column have all enlarged, resulting in the PayPal icon extending out of the box. Any suggestions? Regards Shaun
  14. OK, thanks for your help.
  15. Hello @raiwa I can not explain how the files I uploaded into the admin side disappeared, even though the admin thumbs were still there throughout despite ctrl + F5 refresh, spooky! However I reinstalled and double checked all file edits, now all seems fine, thank you. -------------------------------------- @beerbee These were additional instructions for adding thumbs into admin. -------------------------------------------------------- 6.) catalog/ADMIN/includes/configure.php NOTE: You need to change permissions for this file to 755 or 777 to be able to change it. Don’t forget to set permissions back to it’s original value 444 or 400 once you finished editing. Find these lines define('DIR_WS_CATALOG_IMAGES', DIR_WS_CATALOG . 'images/'); Replace with the following: define('DIR_WS_CATALOG_IMAGES', '../images/'); --------------------------------------------------------- Thank you for your help, again! Kind regards to both, Shaun