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  1. Thanks. I kinda support your thoughts of google databases. First I doubted the cache issue, but I did ask someone else from somewhere else (let say, about 3000 mile away, time zone 3 hours behind me) to check the result for me, it did the same as my side, he saw about the same result as what I saw, but same as my side, after 3 days, all gone back to original or worse.
  2. Over the years, I have done a lot of update on the code to compromise with php 5.628 of the server. so far the site is running without problem. since too many add- on and custom codings have been made by the request from my client, plus many custom tables and columns (honestly I do not remember them all)have been added on DB, I do not think I can re-install a new version for my client, the data can not be reused by the new installed site easily.
  3. on google webmaster console-sitemap, 586/666 pages has been indexed which is not too bad. The crawl errors section shows: Nice, there is no error in past 90 days on both desktop and mobile. The sitemap is generated by standalone, everytime when it is generated it will be pinged to major search engine. I some times resubmit the sitemap by myself. Thanks Peter.
  4. I have a site built with osCommerce 2.31, has seo url add-on, already runs ok for about 7 years. Recently I found some pages just started to go behind day by day on google search result,some even just disappeared at all. I then did fetch as google on those pages, they immediately came back on first or second page on google search result, even along with MANY MANY competitors. But this result only lasted for day or two, maybe maximum three days, they would go back to their previous positions again or even worse, some just disappeared at all. Can anyone help to explain why this happened? Thanks.
  5. Thanks for your info. I looked into that thread, it seems like a bit over my level. For a quick fix, within the shopping_cart.php, I just replaced the parameter "$products[$i]['id']" to "substr($products[$i]['id'],0,strpos($products[$i]['id'],'{'))" to take the products_id only before the left curly bracket.
  6. Hi, I have a site running os2.31, The site has been running well for quite a while. Having not touched any thing but suddenly got a problem when click on the product in page "what is in my cart?" (shopping_cart.php), the error message will show on the coming product_info page as following: 1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '{1}2{2}3' at line 1 select manufacturers_id from products where products_id = 5655{1}2{2}3 It has been working fine previously. The product contains two attributes, so shopping_cart generats the $products_id=5655{1}2{2}3, when hover on the product name or image the status bar pointing to /product_info.php?products_id=5655{1}2{2}3, then after click will go to the product page and highlight the related two attributes. I did not change anything on product_info page, and shopping_cart.php either. Could anything from the server get this error happened? Please point out something if possible. Thanks.
  7. Thanks. I think you are right that "two short (3 letter) words in a row might get special treatment", tried "New Dogg" with filter short set on 3, the "New" was gone. but "New Dog" just worked fine as "new-dog".
  8. You know what, it is funny, I set the filter short key back to 3 again to find out why some is out of cases, this happens: "New York" shows as "york", "Bobbi Blu" shows as "bobbi", BUT, "New Dog" shows as "new-dog" which is correct. ??
  9. when tried "Bobbiblu" it sure did correct as "Bobbiblu", but the manufacturer of "Bobbi Blu" will not be happy their dealers change their brand, even they don't care, the search engine will not help to bring up the traffic who search "Bobbi Blu".
  10. it was funny, when I got missing words as "New York" to "York" at the same time, I remember I still got "New King" as "New King" correctly, hummmm
  11. thanks, that was what I just figured out..
  12. Sorry, i found it out....filter short ...
  13. Good day Folks, I have "Ultimate_SEO_URLSv22d_15" installed on my 2.31 store which running on cPanel hosting (php 5.6.28, Linux 2.6.18, MySQL 5.5.52-cll), Most things have been working fine. But there are some bugs really bothered and I have no luck to sort out what happened. Most urls are showing fine as expected following the admin setting. But some manufacturer names or product names with double words did not show right, for instance, "New York" only shows "York", "Bobbi Blu" only shoes "Bobbi", even after I edited the name from "Bobbi Blu" to "Bobbi-blu" it still showed as "Bobbi"....and it is not in all cases, most double worded manufacturer names or product names are still doing right. From those missing ones, I could not find out the rule how they get missing words, and I checked the data base, it seems not related to data though. I am guessing something wrong with php functions under seo.class.php, php version or apache .htaccess setting. All categories names, manufacturer names, products names with single word are doing correctly. Any idea be appreciated. Thanks.
  14. Hi again, I do not think it is the problem of .htaccess setting, because all other things are working perfectly, like categories name and parents. thanks anyway.
  15. Hi All again, Some additional Information: my product_info page contains 5 social media link: tell_a_friend.php, facebook, twitter,g+,pinterest (I built my social share links on my own years ago). All these links can parse the correct expected SEF product_info URL (which contains the manufacturer name and product name as I expected, like( to the destination sites (facebook, pinterest, twitter, g+) by one click, and the product_info link, image, manufacturer name, product name, product_info page meta description will show on the media site immediately. Every single link on my site pointed to the specified product_info page will show the expected SEF URL with manufacturer name and product name exactly correct on the STATUS BAR of ALL TYPES of browsers ( BUT AFTER click on the link and open the product_info page, The manufacturer name was GONE on the address bar of the browser, become And also, when generating sitemap, all product_info pages do NOT have manufacturer names, not surprised. The review and review info pages, and some other add-on pages using 'products_id' ALL WORK perfectly showing the manufacturer name. ONLY problem, also the most important page-product_info- page itself does not work as expected. The version of Ultimate Seo Urls I am using is: Ultimate_SEO_URLSv22d_15. Please kindly support, any idea will be appreciated. Thanks.