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  1. it uses CURLand DOM packages. i think i have used SOAP only for notification, and have changed the files that were using it. Nevertheless i left it there because it might be used by something that i missed in the notification process. i didn't dig in because i don't think it is used. i think so, still testing. except the notification. at the moment i don't know if the sandbox is sending me the notification or not. as far as i can tell it is not.
  2. This addon adds a lot of functionality of ebay to your store. easy to install and no change to any files are required. thanks to all the people that i have used their ideas and code. too many to count.
  3. no it is about if something is allowed to be included in an addon?
  4. where can i ask if something is allowed when adding an addon? i don't want to do something that is not allowed
  5. thanks Rainer
  6. ok i solved this issue. here is what i did. i created a function in my box to display an image when there is data in the field with long string. then i entered that function in the db as use function. now when the string is entered the image shows. no longer the ugly shift :lol:
  7. i have made a simple new box and it works with one annoying exception. i have to put a very long string in one of the fields. this causes the page to shift. is there a way around this
  8. yes that was my problem so i did it by putting evarything in php and it worked
  9. thanks jack but i don't want to put directly in the link. i have it as MY_OUTSIDE_SITE in the configuration table and it seems that creates a problem.
  10. i am tired and probably can no longer think right. how do i link to outside of the shop. something like $url=''; and then a link to $url
  11. yes thanks. that is what i did. problem is that when you finish editing then because of the length of the string the page shifts so much that is hard to find the edit buttom again. oh well :(
  12. i have a problem with using tep_cfg_textarea( when i use this then the value that i put in the field is not entered in my db. i guess there is something wrong with my code. the value that i want to enter is a string about 600 characters. when i don't it works just fine, but it is ugly. tep_db_query("INSERT INTO configuration (configuration_title, configuration_key, configuration_value, configuration_description, configuration_group_id, sort_order, set_function, date_added) VALUES ('User Token for sandbox', 'EBAY_SANDBOX_USER_TOKEN', '1', 'The User Token for ebay sand box not production.', '6869', '5','tep_cfg_textarea(', now())");
  13. sorry to ask so many questions! i have added a box in the admin section by duplicating tools box. but my box closes when i click a link in it and it is driving me crazy! any ideas
  14. nevermind i was being stupid
  15. i need to add some functions to the admin section i don't want to touch the core files. ie don't want to put it with the rest of functions. if i put it in the language files of the page i want to use it works. but that makes it ugly. where should i put it? :)