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    Owl Sauron got a reaction from JcMagpie in Support thread for JcM Custom Store Info Box   
    bug fix:
    line 6:
    height: <?php echo MODULE_BOXES_JCM_CUSTOM_INFORMATION_MARQUEELHEIGHT?>; /*marquee height */ 
    height: <?php echo MODULE_BOXES_JCM_CUSTOM_INFORMATION_MARQUEEHEIGHT?>; /*marquee height */
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    Owl Sauron reacted to Jack_mcs in View Counter   
    Thank you for pointing that out. I see the other language files in that location also use the definition so they all need to be changed.
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    Owl Sauron reacted to JcMagpie in Support thread for a simple jssor animated slider CE   
    Ok you can down load both from the apps. Please note these are basic and need editing of the template file to make changes
    JcM Header Videos addon's CE
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    Owl Sauron reacted to JcMagpie in Support thread for a simple jssor animated slider CE   
    Updated to V1.1 added header add-on as option. As requestd by @Owl Sauron
    It's best to post request in thread rather than pm.
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    Owl Sauron reacted to JcMagpie in Support thread for a simple jssor animated slider CE   
    A simple addon to let you place a jssor slider on your index page. Why? Why not! Make that space work for you. A good banner is worth a thousand words.As you will see the jssor slide is easy to use and nice and smooth in operation. It is still a no core change add-on. Install all the new files and turn on it’s as simple as that. All the images are in images/jssor. You can make changes by simply editing the template file. It’s simple HTML so quite easy to do. It has been tested on the v2.3.4.1 CE Only. Enjoy.
    Can be seen running on the test site index page.

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    Owl Sauron reacted to burt in Frozen to BSv4   
    Massive changes in bootstrap structure between v3 and v4.
    If shopowner is using an unabused recentish Edge or Frozen... drop on the new files.
    To whom...people who I feel are supportive.
      Next two projects are lined up which will radically change osCommerce for the better.
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    Owl Sauron reacted to MrPhil in Who in the EU has heard of GDPR and will it affect you   
    A nice layman's view article: https://www.scotsman.com/news/politics/insight-the-gdpr-revolution-we-can-t-opt-out-of-1-4742104
    There are apparently some unresolved data issues, which will need to be settled by the courts, such as a beauty salon owner required by her insurance company to hold on to customer medical data for 6 years, even if the customer requests that it be deleted. Which takes precedence? If the customer demands that her data be deleted, does she forfeit any claim that could have been refuted by the salon had it kept the data? Or is the salon in trouble for keeping that data after being told to delete it? What if the data is simply taken offline -- short of a search warrant, how would a customer know what has been kept, short of suing for malpractice and seeing what's there?
    I like the joke in the "letters" section:
    "I've found a really good GDPR consultant". "Can you give me their email address?". "No"
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    Owl Sauron got a reaction from burt in Navbar bellow Header   
    You obviously have no idea what "community" stands for.
    If you are supposed to buy all the templates you see just coz theres no share of opinion/help, then "community" is a thing that doesnt exist.
    The community exist to help developing, fixing and sharing. Thats the point, isnt it?
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    Owl Sauron reacted to Jack_mcs in Navbar bellow Header   
    Take a look at this thread.
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    Owl Sauron reacted to Tsimi in Navbar bellow Header   
    You should not touch the bootstrap.min.css or the custom.css at all.
    Any custom css changes should be added to the users.css file which will overwrite the bootstrap.min.css and custom.css files.