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  1. KissIT Image Thumnailer

    Sorry to be at this again, Rainer, but that "fix" doesnt work. This does pass the data echo tep_image('images/' . $product_info['products_image'], addslashes($product_info['products_name']), KISSIT_MAIN_PRODUCT_IMAGE_WIDTH, KISSIT_MAIN_PRODUCT_IMAGE_HEIGHT, $product_info['products_id'], $product_info['products_quantity'], ((KISSIT_MAIN_PRODUCT_WATERMARK_SIZE > 0)? preg_replace('%<img width="[0-9 ]+" height="[0-9 ]+" src="(.*)title=.+%', 'data-highres="$1', tep_image('images/' . $product_info['products_image'], null, $width, $height)) : 'data-highres="'. 'images/' . $product_info['products_image'] . '"')); ...but then i get the following error bellow the product image at products_info.php: " data-highres="images/thumbs/500_400/thai_cream.jpg" /> " any thoughts? Best regards, Luis Xavier
  2. Check the image settings in the admin menu. (sizes and stuff) or... you should install a module called "KissIT" and see if that solves the problem
  3. As soon as i get mine done, i will upload the Portuguese language pack (pt-PT) utf8.
  4. ummmmmmmmmmmm...... do i sense Sarcasm in here?
  5. Many thanks for your reply. Im new to the Boostrap versions and im still "digging it out" how it works. As far as i have seen in dozens of templates, it doesnt creates any sort of problems. Gonna take a closer look at this in diferent equipments. My main problem is the damn shopping cart in the header section. I have seen the Header divided in sections with horizontal and vertical modules installed ( from search to menu links and other stuff ). This is my issue here: How is it done? I dont think its .css only and, by the amount of diferent templates from diferent providers, it has to be a special comunity module that you install and configure. Question is: wich one?! (out of topic) Another thing that i just noticed is that language translations should be in utf8 with or without dom and the English translation is in ANSI. Problem is that when you switch languages, the shop gets broken by missplacing the modules or creating lines and spaces between stuff. Modifying the English to utf8 solves the problem, tho. Some browsers doesnt seem to react well to the missing ?> tag at the end of the files either. (dont ask) I have seen you requesting in other topics for people to "lift up" the look of their online shops so it doesnt look all the same. Maybe it should be created a topic specially for this matter where people could share the information and .css code. (just my opinion) Best regards
  6. Many thanks, Tsimi. Its a starting point to get knowing how the Bootstraps engine works out.
  7. Many thanks! Its a starting point. If i manage to find a way i will post it here.
  8. You obviously have no idea what "community" stands for. If you are supposed to buy all the templates you see just coz theres no share of opinion/help, then "community" is a thing that doesnt exist. The community exist to help developing, fixing and sharing. Thats the point, isnt it?
  9. Greetings, Im upgrading/migrating/ the online shop from 2.2rc2a to EDGE. I have seen some interesting templates where the Navbar is bellow the Header and the Header has some modules on it that i dont seem to get them anywhere. One of them is the Shopping Cart. Take this as an example: [removed] Any idea how to get the Navbar bellow the Header aswell? ..and btw... the EDGE css is minified wich complicates things if we want to change something. How do we expand it? Many thanks in advance. Best regards, Luis Xavier
  10. SPPC - for 2.3.4

    Will it be there a version for EDGE?