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  1. Bumping to see if anyone has an answer to the issue above.
  2. I'm having an issue with this mod. Right now if I have a $10 off $100 coupon and someone applies it and then edits their cart they can essentially get $10 off $10. How can I force a recheck on submit?
  3. I know this is an older mod but just starting having a problem with it... the mod is working great, but when I send an order update e-mail or create an order and send a notification, the update is blank. It has the subject "Your order has been updated" but no body content. I tried to see what could be the problem but nothing stands out. I tried it with a new customer, with an existing customer and without a customer and it all yields the same result. I am using OSC 2.3.4. (I'm assuming it's with this mod but it may also be the order editor portion of the mod that is broken)
  4. Product with multiple options incorrect total

    Sorry to reply.... can't edit my post though but more info that may help. If I create a new product or duplicate a product and try to add the options by selecting them, it does not work. I saved them to a template from one of the old listings that did work and loaded the template on the new product and it does in fact work, so the issue is only when I try to add them manually. I can work with this as a work around but just in case anyone else has this issue a more permanent solution would be preferred.
  5. Product with multiple options incorrect total

    So an update to this based on something the end users just told me... old products with multiple options work... if I create a new product, it does not.
  6. Product with multiple options incorrect total

    yes, they all have a +5.00. If I delete the second or third option, the first one totals. If I delete the first and third, the second totals. If I delete the first and second, the third one totals. If I keep them all, only the third one totals.
  7. I'm running OSC 2.3.4 and have a product that has 3 options. Each option is $5. It is only adding to the total even if all three are selected. All three options appear on the shopping cart. How can I get all three options, when selected, to add to the final total?
  8. Sorry to bump, but wondering if anyone has any ideas to fix this?
  9. Hello all, a problem just came up that wasn't happening before... i found it was a fixed issue but don't see the fix. We are using the PayPal app and the PayPal Express option. Just today we started getting: The totals of the cart item amounts do not match order amounts It works when using a credit card but not PayPal. I see the PayPal fix, but that doesn't help because the code for the app is completely different from the old IPN.
  10. NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    I'm having a problem using the version for OSC 2.3. I have Discount Codes and Shipping Insurance mods installed. The Discount Codes work fine. I can add a coupon on the backend with no issue. Shipping insurance however will not let me add $1.95 to the field. This is a pre-populated field on the front end where if a user selects it, it is automatically added. If I edit the order and add $1.95 to that field it resets it back to $0. I also cannot add any fields to the order totals by hitting the + even though it is an option. Does anyone have any ideas as to why this Is happening or how to fix it?
  11. Having an issue with the redirect after saving a product change or creating a product change. The change I make is instantaneous but the redirect can sometimes take up to 30 seconds. An example of this is changing a product from active to inactive. This change takes effect in the database and on the website immediately but I don't get redirected back to the product page for another 20 seconds. The same thing happens if I create a product, the product appears on the website instantly but it takes another 20 - 30 seconds before i get taken back to the catalog. Can anyone think of any reason for this? It is happening across multiple PCs and multiple browsers.
  12. Paypal IPN warning with Paypal App / Express

    @@241 - I do not have a file includes/modules/payment/paypal_ipn.php @@frankl - I replaced all of the module files with those that came with the app. In fact my entire modules/payments folder contains nothing except for the authorize.net modules and the paypal app modules (paypal_express.php, paypal_pro_dp.php, paypal_prop_hs.php, paypal_prop_payflow_dp.php, paypal_pro_payflow_ec.php, paypal_standard.php)
  13. Paypal IPN warning with Paypal App / Express

    So just an update... the old server has been shutdown and we are still getting these warnings. There are no calls at all to that file anywhere in any file on the server and the paypal return URL is turned off. I'm completely baffled at this point and any help would be appreciated. Paypal insists we are sending the data in a notify_url string. My awstats shows that the file was called 186 times over the past 2 days even though it doesn't exist. With the paypal app, return url is set to off and just for safe measure I set it in paypal to checkout_process.php am I missing anything?
  14. Paypal IPN warning with Paypal App / Express

    So I don't see anything but we migrated from OSC 2.2. I didnt copy the config table though as I manually rebuilt that and I am using 2.3.4. This is a really dumb question.... The old server is up but dormant... It can't be accessed but is standing in case we need to access it for a missing file. Does that IPN dial out without someone checking out? Like for a status check for a refund or anything like the paypal app does?
  15. Paypal IPN warning with Paypal App / Express

    I thought so but we turned the IPN return url setting to off but just for good measure we set it to be checkout_process.php. When we contacted paypal they told us it was being sent in the notify url but again that would have to be coded somewhere and it's not.