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  1. poj_ud

    New V2 Forum

    yes, or we can use reddit, there's no /oscommerce there.
  2. Thank you very much for your help.
  3. Yes, it did fail a few times. But error_log's not created. I try to refresh many times, still can't see it. Yes , correct. I try to re upload them. Still it shows error.
  4. Thank you very much for your help. My php version is PHP 5.6(ea-php56) I try to change it to PHP 5.5(ea-php55), nothing change, still got the same error. I delete the old error_log. But it won't create the new one. I try to make failure many times. Nothing present.
  5. when I go to /catalog/admin/categories.php and click on "edit" of any product. There will be a popup which show "There was an error while retrieving the URL: Forbidden" after click OK, Ajax attribute won't show at all, but the rest is ok , I can edit and save. just not the attribute which won't show at all. Before this, everything worked fine. And then one day , the error just shown and the Ajax attribute was gone. I set directories permission to 755, never changed. I try to delete the rows table sessions begin with - language|s:7:"english";languages_id|s:1:"1";admin|a:2: , didn't work. I can't figure it out, what's wrong ?
  6. I also got the same problem. already try to delete the rows table sessions begin with - language|s:7:"english";languages_id|s:1:"1";admin|a:2: didn't work , still got same error : Forbidden. Any suggestion ? thank you. OSC v2.3.4
  7. poj_ud

    osCommerce v4 translation

    What's the deadline ?
  8. poj_ud


    I can help with Thai.
  9. poj_ud

    App Store or Add-on Store or...?

  10. poj_ud

    Loyalty or Bonus points

    Would you please make a simple Loyalty Discount app like this one. I really need it. Customer Loyalty Discount Scheme Module. The purpose of this order total module is to provide a basic Customer Loyalty Program/Discount Scheme, that rewards customers with discounts against each order based upon the amount they have spent in prior periods. This module, at the time of a customer order being placed, totals up the value of all previous orders this customer has placed over a pre-defined (in admin) rolling period of time and then applies a discount rate to this order according to a table of discount rates also pre-defined (in admin) that correspond to the amount spent over the rolling period. For example, in admin you have set the pre-defined rolling period to a month, and set up a table of discounts that gives 5.0% discount if they have spent over £1000 in the previous month (i.e previous 31 days, not calendar month), or 7.5% if they have spent over £1500 in the previous month.
  11. poj_ud

    Wordpress & osCommerce

    Will it work with standard 2.3.4 ?
  12. Try this setting. http://forums.oscommerce.com/topic/410409-paypal-express-in-paypal-app-setup-with-osc-234-step-by-step/
  13. After 2-3 weeks, frustrated trying to find answer. I can make PayPal Express to run with my website. Here's my setting OSC 2.3.4 PayPal App v. 4.039 At your own website / Admin Admin / PayPal / Configure / Express Check out Status - Live or Sandbox
 (depends) PayPal Account Optional - True
 Instant Update - Enable
 PayPal Express Checkout Button - Static
 Page Style - PayPal
 Transaction Method - Sale
 Order Status - Store Default order Status
 Payment Zone - Global

 Admin / PayPal / Configure / General Gateway - PayPal
 Verify SSL - True
 (if your website has SSL) Proxy - Blank
 Log Transactions - ALL

 Now go to PayPal Website. PayPal / ProFile / Profile and Setting / Selling Tool

 / Website Preferences 
 Auto Return - Off
 Return URL - Blank
 Payment Data Transfer - Off
 Block Non-encrypted Website Payment - Off
 PayPal Account Optional - On
 Support giropay and bank transfer payments: - No 

PayPal / ProFile / Profile and Setting / Selling Tool

 / Website Preferences 
 /API Access go to 
NVP/SOAP API integration
 create then Get the API Signature - API username, Pw and Signature
 Go back to your website fill out the 3 API data in Admin / PayPal / Credentials That's it. Now you can try it in Sandbox mode. First goto http://developer.paypal.com Create Seller acct. , Buyer acct. for sandbox Then go to http://sandbox.paypal.com Get the 3API data from Sandbox Seller acct. Make sure that all the Seller, Buyer and the Shipping address in your website are all in the same countries. if it works then you can go Live. Hope this help.
  14. I can't get the PP standard to work. The shopping cart is not empty after payment is done, none order was recorded in DB and I didn't get confirmed e-mail. Sill can't figure out how to fix it. PP Express works fine, only Thai font issue is not. So you should try PP Express.
  15. Thank you. But mine still got wrong encoding. The Name and Address is unreadable like this ------------------------------------------------------ ???? ??????????? 531 ?.???????? ???????, 90110 Th, Thailand And Paypal Express even add this address to the OSC database too.