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  1. Is there a reference that list the osCommerce 2.3.4 BS screen elements and there corresponding CSS elements? Firefox Inspect is nice but can be hard to understand sometimes. Just like the getbootstrap.com/customize there is a million elements with color. It would be nice to focus on the ones you need.What is the easiest Mobile option to setup quickly?
  2. zing369

    Export orders into csv

    Hello, I tried this under 2.3.4 with an XML export and the CSV export. For XML I get nothing. For CSV, I get headers. I have modified the code various ways and no luck. Seems like it is not returning records from the database. Also the CSV with the dropdown (bad idea when you have 50K plus orders. Any ideas on how to test? Tried ECHO and see nothing also. 2.3.4 working great otherwise. I really need a way to pull out orders. I can't seem to find anything new on this. Does anyone need to upload their orders into another system? Thanks, Jeff