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    FedEx - Web Services v9

    Hey I've been installing and going through the code trying to fix the Fatal error in version 9.5.1 some people (including myself) have gotten after switching to ACCOUNT rates. It looks like the XML response from FedEx changes the structure a bit when using FedEx Ground (I'm testing from Canada to Canada) when in that ACCOUNT rates mode (doesn't seem to effect the LIST mode but i needed to switch that if statement including the PAYER_LIST_SHIPMENT). I've fixed it by adding this code for anyone that just wants to copy the code: if($rateReply->ServiceType === 'FEDEX_GROUND') { $cost = ($rateReply->RatedShipmentDetails->ShipmentRateDetail->TotalNetCharge->Amount)/MODULE_SHIPPING_FEDEX_WEB_SERVICES_CURRENCY; } else { $cost = ($rateReply->RatedShipmentDetails[0]->ShipmentRateDetail->TotalNetCharge->Amount)/MODULE_SHIPPING_FEDEX_WEB_SERVICES_CURRENCY; } Put that instead of line 625 (in 9.5.1) or on the line that reads: $cost = $rateReply->RatedShipmentDetails[0]->ShipmentRateDetail->TotalNetCharge->Amount; Might need to add other types where 'FEDEX_GROUND' is if International Ground is the same structure.