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  1. @@Tsimi If I can point out another little problem: In catalog/shopping_cart.php I have two Checkout options: a green button "Checkout" and the PayPal express checkout. If I use the PayPal button, I miss the possibility to insert the Discount Code, as I am brought directly on PayPal site. I can input the discount code only if I follow the green Checkout button. I worked around this problem removing the PayPal button from shopping_cart.php and moving it to the checkout_payment.php file, replacing the generic green button "Continue" that was there..
  2. @@Tsimi Mine it's such a little contribution, but if you may need any other translation from English to Italian, please do not esitate to ask me.
  3. I really did not make anything to the db and I am pretty sure that the first install of Italian language I inserted there the file and directory name in lowercase as they were in the package, but it was not working. I saw that include and require errors were pointing to uppercased names, so I renamed and all went fine. Now I've tried again to change to lowercase in the language setup edit module and in the names, but all includes and requires both in admin and catalog started again claiming they want the uppercase "I"s.... :-))) Not a big problem, anyway, as long as it works, I was only wondering the why of this anomaly.
  4. @Tsimi This is the complete Italian version. It's working on my machine (I could not test the modular shopping cart, as I did not install it, but the translation should be correct. I left the names of language in lower case, but on my release of OsCommerce 2.3.4 BS Edge I had to rename both the directories (under catalog/admin/includes/languages and catalog/includes/languages) with Italiano (initial uppercase) in order to have OsCommerce see them. Same I had to do with the main language file under catalog/includes/languages. It has to be Italiano.php. This question is NOT related to Discount Code, it belongs to the initial OsCommerce 2.3.4 BS Edge installation. Again thank you for your wonderful work, Blessings! Umberto Discount_Codes_3.8_BS-ITA.zip
  5. @@BrockleyJohn Buongiorno! :-) Now I have it clear, I guess that change is not needed on my installation as I did not apply the modular shopping-cart. Wish you a wonderful day, Blessings!
  6. @@Tsimi Thank you a lot for your work. I'll prepare the zip tomorrow morning.
  7. @@BrockleyJohn Thank you so much, BrockleyJohn! I modified the function in the header tags module and now I can see the input field! :-) It seems that once inserted a discount code, it remains valid for all the purchases made after, even if the product where it was inserted is removed from cart. I made the discount unlimited in use , so I think this is normal. Maybe it will be removed only after session ends? Do you think that modifying the function is enough, or should I dowload the complete fixed version? I do nopt understand what you mean with "There was another example in the shopping cart module". I am going to sleep now Thank you again, I hope to read your answer tomorrow.
  8. @@BrockleyJohn The installation instructions do not mention any change to make in the file catalog/checkout_payment.php. Only a little one on catalog/checkout_process.php and one in catalog/includes/application_top.php. Is that correct? My installation is a fresh one of the BS edge release.
  9. Thank you for your prompt answer, @@Tsimi. Yes I did, and the module configuration shows up in the admin panel both in order total and header tags. Where should the input field for the discount code show up, on wich pages? BTW, I made the Italian translation of the language files of the module, how could I share them?
  10. Hallo, everybody, my name is Umberto and I am setting up an OSCommerce 2.3.4 BS (Edge) to sell my craftman works. I have been trying to install Discount codes 3.8 BS,: everything went fine, I can see the module in admin panel and set up discount codes. BUT I cannot find anywhere on pages the possibility for the customer to input those codes... Not in product page, not in the cart nor in the various steps of payment process... Can I ask your help? Thank you in advance Umberto