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    Verisign Issues

    Please read my earlier post containing the solution -- it's the last post on page one of this thread -- it explains in detail what to do.
  2. javashakes

    Verisign Issues

    Change this code (from my previous post): if($HTTP_POST_VARS['RESPMSG'] == 'Approved') { ? ? $HTTP_POST_VARS[$HTTP_POST_VARS['USER1']] = $HTTP_POST_VARS['USER2']; ? ? $HTTP_GET_VARS[$HTTP_POST_VARS['USER1']] = $HTTP_POST_VARS['USER2']; ? ? reset ($HTTP_POST_VARS); ? ? reset ($HTTP_GET_VARS); } To this code (from DrumrLC's post): if($_POST['RESPMSG'] == 'Approved') { ? ?$_POST[$_POST['USER1']] = $_POST['USER2']; ? ?$_GET[$_POST['USER1']] = $_POST['USER2']; ? ?reset ($_POST); ? ?reset ($_GET); } You should read a PHP manual. Check this link out: PHP: Predefined variables - Manual
  3. javashakes

    Verisign Issues

    Eureka! For all you OSC 2.2 MS2 users using the 'Verisign PayFlow Link w/CSC new checkout process' contribution -- #2 from this email is the problem! The file 'verisignreturn.php' collects the $_POST array and redirects the data to the 'checkout_process.php' page! Since redirects aren't allowed, this is a problem! Here is the solution! Open the file 'checkout_process.php' At the top of the page paste the following code: if($HTTP_POST_VARS['RESPMSG'] == 'Approved') { $HTTP_POST_VARS[$HTTP_POST_VARS['USER1']] = $HTTP_POST_VARS['USER2']; $HTTP_GET_VARS[$HTTP_POST_VARS['USER1']] = $HTTP_POST_VARS['USER2']; reset ($HTTP_POST_VARS); reset ($HTTP_GET_VARS); } BEFORE this line of code: 'include('includes/application_top.php');' This will only record the order if Verisign approves the transaction. For those of you who are collecting the Verisign ID to store and display with your OSC orders/invoices, you may paste the following code: $_SESSION['verisign_ref'] = $HTTP_POST_VARS['PNREF']; . . . after the include statement mentioned above. Sessions are not started until that include is executed. If you don't know about this mod, please search the forums (rather than ask me about it) as there are a number of modifications to be made across the system. FINALLY -- and this is important: Change your 'Silent Post' URI from 'verisignreturn.php' to 'checkout_process.php' DEVELOPERS PLEASE NOTE: 1) The above solution is a mod of a 'contribution,' (which are 'Use At Your Own Risk' anyway) and the OSC system. Make sure you make note of this in case you update OSC! 2) Swap the PHP syntax where neccessary -- specifically, some PHP servers may require using the $_POST / $_GET super globals instead of $HTTP_POST_VARS / $HTTP_GET_VARS arrays I sure hope this solves problems for folks! lata, shakes