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  1. When you update a contribution that was initially developed by someone else, make sure you update the contact information in any readme files! I've received a number of emails requesting support for the Description in Products Listing hack even though I haven't had anything to do with its updates. Turns out the people who updated it left my address in there as the support contact. To those having problems with the contribution, I'm sorry. I'm just not familiar enough with either the current osCommerce code or the contribution as it is now to do you any good. Your best bet is to post in the forums or email the latest contributor of the package. If whoever maintains the contributions would please remove my email address from the contact info that would be lovely. (A quick glance shows these two packages are the issue, if there are others then please remove my address from them as well: http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,1299/ and http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,1375/ )
  2. The problem is it's not adding the second <tr> for the description. Double check the changes you made to boxes.php. Also see that no other contribution you're using is interfering with the process. (I recall one that was kind of a template/style changer that overrides the use of boxes.php completely. The boxes.php changes had to be made in the files it replaced it with instead.)
  3. I haven't played with this yet, but if it does what you say it does it really needs to be included in the core code. People have been begging for this.
  4. End this shite and let folk get on already.
  5. Paul_C

    paypal ipn stinks

    Nevermind, I see this is just a handy way for you to bump your post. Good luck.
  6. Paul_C

    paypal ipn stinks

    Again, flames are hardly a good way to get help with something.
  7. Paul_C

    paypal ipn stinks

    Noone said you couldn't, but people tend to be more willing to help someone without a chip on their shoulder. It's amazing the difference in response you can get simply by being polite.
  8. Paul_C

    paypal ipn stinks

    Just because you don't know how to use it doesn't mean it "stinks". If you're really asking for help with this you'd do well to cut the attitude.
  9. osc_trunc_string is from Description in Product Listing v.2. The function truncates without breaking a word and adds the ellipses if appropriate. If you don't already have it just add the following to catalog/includes/functions/general.php function osc_trunc_string($str="",$len=150,$more=1) { if ($str=="") return $str; if (is_array($str)) return $str; $str = trim($str); // if it's les than the size given, then return it if (strlen($str) <= $len) return $str; // else get that size of text $str = substr($str,0,$len); // backtrack to the end of a word if ($str != "") { // check to see if there are any spaces left if (!substr_count($str," ")) { if ($more) $str .= "..."; return $str; } // backtrack while(strlen($str) && ($str[strlen($str)-1] != " ")) { $str = substr($str,0,-1); } $str = substr($str,0,-1); if ($more) $str .= "..."; } return $str; }
  10. Paul_C

    Finding contributions is frustrating

    Too bad there is no versioning system for the contributions section.
  11. Paul_C

    [CONTRIBUTION] osC Helpdesk v1.0

    Did you define FILENAME_HELPDESK_SUBMIT in application_top ? <title><?php echo $breadcrumb->trail_title(' » '); ?></title> Hey, I recognize that code :!: Happy to see someone liked it :D
  12. Paul_C

    Product depiction the detailed

    I'm sorry, I don't understand the problem you're having.
  13. Hmm... I'm no tax-man, but intuitively it doesn't seem like gift-vouchers should be taxed at all when they are sold. Assuming 10% tax: I buy a $10.00 gift voucher and end up paying $11.00. I redeem it for an item selling for $10.00. The total on my purchase comes to $11.00 so I need to shell out another buck. So for a $10.00 item I end up paying $12.00 total due to being taxed twice (essentially). Am I missing something? (And yes, I understand that tax law is meant to be anything but intuitive.)
  14. I just double-checked on my development server and it seems to be working fine with sub-categories there. It doesn't look like you've made the changes in default.php. If you have, please send me a copy of it so I can take a look to see what's happening. My email address is in the readme.txt file that came in the mod.
  15. Paul_C


    I don't see any scrolling in Opera 6.05.