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  1. I inherited an existing store using SDS. Most downloads are multi-file, with groups set up to accommodate. I am migrating site to new server & the multi-file downloads don't work now. The order detail shows filename as GROUP_??. Can someone advise: 1. Are the individual files created on the fly? Or are they a perm part of the order database? 2. Which PHP file does the GROUP lookup parsing to create individual file names? 3. I hired a developer to help me with a Paypal issue & since then this is occurring. We ended up changing download status from 5 to 4 & I believe this is related to the glitch. However, the developer thinks different. 4. In Admin I see the following errors. Any clue/tips/hints? Note:I'm also a OSC newbie trying to get up to speed yesterday. Much thanks, in advance! Ted List of Unused Files in Download Directory DL-BL38_UHT_Passport.pdf DL-BL44_Chi_Kids_I.pdf DL-BL45_Chi_Kids_II.pdf DL-BL46_Tao_Congress_2010.pdf DL-BL47_Pi_Bu_Chi_Kungb.pdf DL-PC02_Tao_Garden.pdf DL-PC05_Chang_Kuo-Lao.pdf DL-PC06_Chaun_Chung-Li.pdf DL-PC07_Han_Hsien-Ku.pdf DL-PC08_Ho_Hsien-Ku.pdf DL-PC09_Lan_Tsai-Ho.pdf DL-PC10_Li_Tich-Kuai.pdf DL-PC11_Lu_Tung-Pin.pdf DL-PC12_Kuan_Yin.pdf DL-PC13_Tsao_Kuo-Chiu.pdf creating-playing-DVD.html dl-dvd01-2005.html dl-dvd01-2007.html dl-dvd01-2012.html dl-dvd02-2007.html dl-dvd02-2012.html dl-dvd02.html dl-dvd03.html dl-dvd04-2005.html dl-dvd04-2013.html dl-dvd05.html dl-dvd06.html dl-dvd07.html dl-dvd08.html dl-dvd09-2004.html dl-dvd09-2007.html dl-dvd09-2011.html dl-dvd10.html dl-dvd101.html dl-dvd102.html dl-dvd104.html dl-dvd109.html dl-dvd11-2005.html dl-dvd11-2011.html dl-dvd110.html dl-dvd111.html dl-dvd114.html dl-dvd12.html dl-dvd13.html dl-dvd14-2004.html dl-dvd14-2008.html dl-dvd14-2011.html dl-dvd15-2004.html dl-dvd15-2007.html dl-dvd15-2011.html dl-dvd16.html dl-dvd17.html dl-dvd18-2004.html dl-dvd18-2005.html dl-dvd18-2013.html