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  1. LWSS

    Login with Paypal

    Regarding my last post, I've test Login with PayPal in my local test server, which is not a SSL server, it does work in TEST mode and no Error: 403 message shown. The "Return URL" in PayPal profile was set as "http://localhost/MYWEBSITE/..../login.php?action=paypal_login". But in live site with "Return URL" set as "https://MYWEBSITE/..../login.php?action=paypal_login"(which is recommended in PayPal Apps), the Error: 403 still exists. Could Error: 403 problem be something related to SSL when redirected to website?
  2. LWSS

    Login with Paypal

    I've everythings set according to above discussed. "Return URL" in Paypal Developer setting = https://MYWEBSITE/catalog....../login.php?action=paypal_login All Live and Test Client ID & Secret are correctly set in MYWEBSITE's PayPal App v5.018. I logged in successfully, but soon it was redirected to screen said "Error: 403 Forbidden" message. The url found is "https://MYWEBSITE/catalog/login.php?action=paypal_login&code=C2............................https%3A%2F%2Furi.paypal.com%2Fservices%2Fpaypalattributes%20profile". Does anyone know what happened?
  3. @Tsimi Thanks for your info. I'll check it out for 3.8BS.
  4. @@Tsimi I finally find out where is going wrong. It's my fault, I put a css class in "function tep_draw_pull_down_menu()" that causes the problem. After remove it, everything work fine with your original codes. I can now move forward to upgrade it to 3.7BS. Thanks for your precious time.
  5. Thank you for your kindness. I am still in a local development site. There no way you can access it. I tried already pushing down the ctrl button to select, it just jump to item which I have clicked, and of course save failed. Anyway, I've already solve the problem although It seems a clumsy stupid way. I can now selecting multi-categories, multi-manufacturers, with excluded products and save successfully. It seems works seamlessly, I haven't yet tested on all scenarios. For Discount Codes 3.6BS What I did:- For Manufacturers replace (like codes for Customers): with: I do the same way to Categories, it works too. For Categories replace: with: No-goods in Categories after change (minor issues): I can't see the categories in a tree form. I need pay more attention in choosing categories. Also I have to add a extra query item "categories_htc_title_tag" to let me identify more easily when there are different categories but with the same name. if I select the parent_id Cat. only it won't work in front end, I have to select also all sub-categories under it together. P.S. I add "p.products_model" to products_query, now I can see the products sorted by model now.
  6. Thank you. I've revert and install again the module twice, but no luck. Discount can successfully applies to Order-subtotal, Products, Excludes Specials, Customers, except Categories, Manufacturers & Excluded Products. I am using osc2.3.4 non-BS version. In front end, I can manage to change codes to work perfectly for discount and tax calculation with multi-currencies, but in admin side I can't figure out where is going wrong. Up to my limited PHP knowledge, I suspect may be the data in "tep_draw_pull_down_menu('categories_id',..... /('manufacturers_id'), " could not be captured. It is a nice module, may be I just leave the Categories & Manufacturers aside at the moment. P.S. Will it be better if we could apply discount to more than one Manufacturers in promoting our sales?
  7. Thanks Lambros, I've tried all combinations. (1) Just tick the radio button for Categories or Manufacturer, and save. (2) Tick the radio button & select Categories or Manufacturer name in pull down menu, and save. (3) Tick the radio button of Categories, select name in pull down menu, select products to be excluded, and save. No matter with which one, it won't let me save to pass $categories_id or $manufacturer_id to database.
  8. I have tried 3.6BS & 3.7BS. Both work fine with discount code assigned to "Products" or Order "Sub-Total". But in admin/Catalog/Discount Codes, if I selected "Categories" or "Manufacturers", it just jumps back to Discount Code field and won't let me save the code. Does anybody know what happened? Thanks. LWSS