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  1. Here's an interesting challenge for all the experts on order totalling. I have a home party business in addition to e-commerce. My home party reps use a coupon code to get their discount. They should not be charged tax, even if they would normally be charged tax as a regular customer in their state. I need to detect the home party coupon code and then exclude tax from the order. The home party coupon code is distinct (it starts with "hp") so I can detect it. Now I need to know in what file I should trip the checkout to exclude tax, and what the most efficient way to do that is. I use the Credit Class & Gift Voucher contribution. Anyone know?
  2. This contribution works great, but I've found a bug relating to the functions/general.php file. After modifying this file for the contrib, line 19 redirects the user if the session is not registered. The problem I'm seeing is for forms that submit to their own page. On my Windows server if you use one of the Search boxes in Admin, you'll get redirected to login because the form isn't sending the osCAdminID in the URL. I also see osCAdminID in the URL on every other page, which I didn't see on my Unix server. Any ideas why? Can someone figure out this redirect bug?