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  1. pabloo20

    Product Attributes/Item problem

    Ok we managed to rewrite the script to run in version 2.3.4, but when saving attributes are not always in spite select any attributes enroll all. File: https://github.com/pabloo20/admin/blob/master/categories.php I have attribute "AAA->111/222/333/444/555" When I select 111 and 333 and 444 this time to save everything, and only once 111. Why ?? Line 342-360 and 595-646
  2. pabloo20

    Product Attributes/Item problem

    Slowly I manage to adjust and script in versions 2.3.4 . Tomorrow will describe exactly my changes Maybe there is a person who will help
  3. pabloo20

    Product Attributes/Item problem

    I've installed Ajax Attribute but do not use it to add a new product with its attribute . Is someone will help rewrite the code so that the version 2003 worked ??
  4. Version: 2.3.4 Hello, I am new to oscommerce, interested me: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/1668 yes, I know that this is the version 2.2, but perfectly suited to my store (allows adding attribute when adding a new product) My file: https://github.com/pabloo20/admin/blob/master/categories.php managed to do to correctly display attribute added to the product , but I do not know how to check checkbox is checked and get its value at update_product / insert_product (line 230-247 and 256-261 do not work )