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  1. MyBookShop

    Customer Birthday Discount

    Does the discount apply immediately? or can you make the customer wait about a month. I can see some people just create a fake date or account just to get discount at the expense of loyal client following and shop.
  2. MyBookShop

    All Products SEO

    Gidday, I need to list all my products on one page (hidden or not) for a web crawler that can't follow folders. This was most likely a good solution but is not updated for CEfrozenBS4. I suggest an alternative to this module which is complicated to install, is to just duplicate the existing [Whats New Box] module. But how to make it list all products with out page breaks [1] [2] [3] ... etc and also default to Grid view? Mark.
  3. Could you implement this Addon in your BS version. It orders the Admin items into Alphabetical order, I cant live without it. https://apps.oscommerce.com/1HEkU&module-display-order-matches-sort-order or a sort order at the top bar so can sort by [Modules Group SortOrder Action] I will donate again:)
  4. MyBookShop

    Optional Related Products, Version 4.0

    I think he means that in the related products are no longer in Grid mode but as a long vertical list as would be displayed on a phone. Some how this is broken for PC browsers as it used to work like this (I am now using Frozen BS4 CE downloaded from Chilled Displays). Also the version number still shows as 6.40 not 6.60 The admin sidet might not be compatible with the new BS4 admin, but i'm still testing that out as it might be my setup. Mark
  5. You are probably way sick of me by now but. I was moving from a old site and did a database backup to transfer over to a fresh install to FrozenBS. The tabs did not appear yet they did on the stock install data. After a bit of trial an error it would seem that they don't appear if there is no MYsql (products products_model) data. Most of my stock had no model numbers, so no tabs. I just searched the string with a find and replace in the database backup as I don't know SQL to make the model number '-' . That solved it. Someone might have this issue going forward so I posted, sorry, maybe the addon could be updated? Mark
  6. Hi! Shetch, just installed this, its just beautiful. And works. But is there another BS theme that could be used that does not fetch the external font from googlefonts Api. I like to host all the scripts etc, locally. I know you would have other priorities than this request. Thank-you. Mark.
  7. Ok I feel like an idiot. I have done absolutely nothing since the last post but gone to bed and woke early to try another install, but.. its working... I guess I had to restart the browser I was testing in.. I will make the above change to.. thankyou.
  8. [proxy_fcgi:error] [pid 17316] [client ..........] AH01071: Got error 'PHP message: PHP Warning: Use of undefined constant MODULE_CONTENT_PRODUCT_INFO_REVIEWS_CONTENT_LIMIT - assum$ I have these errors in log
  9. Gidday! again. Ok after much frustration I have finally narrowed down my issue. I use this Zone SQL for my site: https://apps.oscommerce.com/wqBh5&australian-zones&c=zones The moment I run the SQL, the Product Description dis-appears. Leaving the coloured Tabs still working. Just no Product description. This is a completely fresh install using only this module and then Australian Zones. Oscommerce Downloaded from Chiilled Displays link you gave me. ?? I did notice that a fresh install without this module and after running the zone SQL with the stock Product Info, if i deleted the USD in localization - currencies and just left AUD then the description also disappeared on the Product info page. But if I added back USD it re-appeared. (if that helps). (I know its probably the zone SQL but I'm lost, I want the features but I need localization.)
  10. MyBookShop

    Google XML Sitemap SEO

    I tried this on a new blank website with only one product and no category, it threw an error about arrays. I created a new category (so I had one) and the errors when away. Maybe state that in the installation manual. Working now Thankyou.
  11. I downloaded the site from yours as above, If there is no manufacturer input for the Item offered for sale the tabs don't appear. You should definitely put that in the (Installation Help File) I scratched my head forever on that. Yes its in the forums. Also small typo in manual :- To modify your own product_infp.php file there is a small change to can make. Installed and working thankyou.
  12. Broken plugin at this date 10-04-2019 for (BS4 edge) as Burt did Remove TABLE_ DB definitions on GitHub Also {Two bugs on Github, "Welcome on " instead of Welcome to And at above date Bootstrap files in "ext" directory are not BS4(current) } Jc is this a stand alone or does it require any other module?
  13. Thankyou, The only compare difference was $cpath_start_string = '---', //mine was $cpath_start_string = '' Uploaded your file and while the site did not go blank this time, (must have been a formatting thing) I could see no changes to the Categories menu. I guess I will retry when I update the website to BS4. Thanks
  14. Distinguish sub categories category box This didn't seem to work on my mash up of a BS3 site. The whole site went blank on editing and upload. Could you post your complete .php file so I can compare. In case I cant follow the ridiculously simple instruction. Ta