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  1. @@Jack_mcs Tried turning it off and it works. But I still need friendly urls. Disabling other dunctions didn't helped. I just can't wrap my head around why is it changing all letters to "s" at first link is replaced fine but when I click on it, it redirects to "sssss-ssss". Something similar happened with other languages can't remember if links were replaced to "s" but when I correctly replaced character it loaded fine. P.S. Just found the reason why mobile version loading times were so high it was friendly urls for some reason.
  2. Did anyone encountered pages that doesn't load in russian? I replaced characters as follows(ansi encoding): Ñ=>ja,ш=>s,е=>e,Ñ€=>r,Ñ‚=>t,Ñ‹=>y,у=>u,и=>i,о=>o,п=>p,ÑŽ=>ju,щ=>s,Ñ=>e,а=>a,Ñ=>s,д=>d,Ñ„=>f,г=>g,ч=>c,й=>j,к=>k,л=>l,ÑŒ=>i,ж=>z,з=>z,Ñ…=>h,ц=>c,в=>v,б=>b,н=>n,м=>m,ÑŠ=>i,Ñ‘=>e,Я=>ja,Ш=>s,Е=>e,Ð =>r,Т=>t,Ы=>y,У=>u,И=>i,О=>o,П=>p,Ю=>ju,Щ=>s,Э=>e,Ð=>a,С=>s,Д=>d,Ф=>f,Г=>g,Ч=>c,Й=>j,К=>k,Л=>l,Ь=>i,Ж=>z,З=>z,Ð¥=>h,Ц=>c,Ð’=>v,Б=>b,Ð=>n,Ðœ=>m,Ъ=>i,Ð=>e And now text being replaced correctly but some pages still doesn't load. While links are being displayed corectly when I click on it, it becomes http://webpage.com/ssssssssss-sssss-c-22.html?language=RU any solution?
  3. Yes! Should have been obvious.. but.. :D Thanks. Umm.. And last question I'm trying to move files from test to main page and everything is working fine but strange thing is that when I try to access categories it sends to www.wesite.com/FILENAME_CATALOG_MB?.... everything works great on test version. Checked configure.php, disabled ajax. Anything else?
  4. Oh thanks a lot! I thought that guy before me hardcoded it so I just used catalog_mb.php code for adding to cart. But I'll do it in a right way then. :) Thanks again. And sorry to bother you again but there's some issues with charset. Russian cyrilic to be exact. It outputs something like this: ŠŠ´ŠµŠ»Š°Š¹Ń‚Šµ Š·Š°ŠŗŠ°Š· Š²Ń‹ŃŠµ 50 ā‚¬ Šø ŠæŠ¾Š»ŃчŠøŃ‚Šµ -50% Š´Š»Ń¸ Š´Š¾ŃŃ‚Š°Š²ŠŗŃ! Š’ Š•Š²Ń€Š¾ŠæŠµ. Same thing from database and from language files. For lithuanian we're using characters like à, è and it outputs ą, č as it should. Now for russian we are using normal russian characters like Главная and it outputs the above example. If its isn't related to IOSC ignore me. Because there's so much hardcoded code without any comments.... ŠŠ´ŠµŠ»Š°Š¹Ńss‚Šµ Š·Š°ŠŗŠ°Š· Š²Ń‹ŃŠµ 50 ā‚¬ Šø ŠæŠ¾Š»ŃчŠøŃ‚Šµ -50% Š´Š»Ń¸ Š´Š¾ŃŃ‚Š°Š²ŠŗŃ! Š’ Š•Š²Ń€Š¾ŠæŠµ.
  5. Dunno can't see such module in the list. Disabling ajax was first thing I tried.
  6. Did everything from scratch but I still having issues with cart. It adds products when I press to cart in catalog_mb.php but when I click it in product_info.php pages refreshes and nothing happens.
  7. yeah.. It seems that I got happy too soon. Products doesn't add to shopping cart. When I add it in classic version and then switch to mobile products remain in the basket but adding in mobile version doesn't work for some reason.
  8. So if anyone gonna have similair issue and do not care about theme switching just hardcode it: Open catalog/mobile/includes/header.php Find: <link rel="stylesheet" href="ext/css/theme-<?php echo CSS;?>-min.css?time=<?php echo time()?>" /> Replace: <link rel="stylesheet" href="ext/css/theme-Grey-min.css?time=<?php echo time()?>" /> P.S. you can chose other theme just change Grey to whatever.
  9. Well first of all sheesh you're fast. :o Yep there must be something wrong with admin config. Default values are: Osc,Oscmobile,Grey. By saying change it to Osc Theme you mean it literaly change it to value "Osc Theme"? I can see that it says "(see next step 3b):" which is where? I tried changing it to Osc Theme but didn't worked so I assume it has to be the same as my default classic theme? If yes then where can I find it? P.S. Also I'm getting this warning it might be unrelated: Warning: include(includes/classes/action_recorder.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /var/webs/includes/application_top.php on line 320 Warning: include(): Failed opening 'includes/classes/action_recorder.php' for inclusion (include_path='.:/usr/share/php:/usr/share/pear') in /var/webs/includes/application_top.php on line 320
  10. Hi, For some reason mobile version images doesn't load at all. But products images are loading fine. Any solution?