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    I've been selling my products (both physical and digital) on-line since 1998. Everything I do is copyright. It's in the digital files and on the physical ones. I couldn't give a hoot if someone removes my copyright. I'll sue anyone who takes my work without my permission. I've never had to sue anyone yet. I believe that providing ownership information and a link to myself allows anyone with half a brain to ask for permission or buy a copy. It doesn't have to be plastered all over the front page of what I make. I haven't found any evidence in all the time I've been on this earth that branding goods (put a copyright notice right in the face of people) does anything but send my customers looking for a product not so blatant in advertising the owner/manufacturer. I sell plenty, get few complaints and I'm happy to have people who bought my goods, remove copyright notices when they feel it reduces the value of them using it.