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  1. Well I finally got the extra e-mail sender to work. For some reason Send E-Mails was set to false, and that's why I was not getting the e-mails. Thanks Rainer :)
  2. Hello: I think there is a flaw/bug in this code but I'm not seeing it. includes/classes/order.php ext/modules/payment/paypal/express.php Give out a shout if you see a flaw. Thanks Bill
  3. Screen shot attached. I used red to remove some private info. Bill
  4. Hello: I set up the extra e-mail orders just like raiwa said, and tested is twice live, and both times I have only received the one basic e-mail. Is there another setting I need to turn on in oscommerce, or do I need to turn something on in PayPal? Bill
  5. I meant no disrespect to the designers and for everybody else who can use it. It just does not work for me, and I truly don't know why. Could be I'm not smart enough to install it. Could be something to do with how my PayPal is set up? Not going to worry about it I just need to go with something that does works for me, and I hope everyone understands. Thanks for the tip about the e-mails. I will check it out and I pray it works for me. Bill :)
  6. The big PayPal app does not work for me so I uninstalled it, and went back to using what I knew worked. I was unaware that there was a stand alone updated version of PayPal express. Thanks for the tip Rainer. I have now installed version 3.1 and it works. Unfortunately it does not do what I want. What I want - after a customer buys from me is a e-mail that is sent back to me that includes a description of what and how may they purchased. I know this can be done for PayPal express because it says so in the official PayPal documentation. I just need to figure out how to make it happen for oscommerce. Why do I want this? To make my life easier when my store is launched and running. If anybody knows how to make the changes in code please post here. Thanks Bill
  7. Hello: I want to add a few variables to PayPal express. Below is the complete PayPal express file I am using - paypal_express.php And here is the code I think might work - I was thinking of putting it in around line 225. Before I do this and possible make a mess I would like to hear from the oscommerce developers what they suggest? Bill
  8. When I choose to buy a product I am taken to the shopping cart. At the bottom of the shopping cart there is a button saying "checkout with paypal". Once I push the button I am taken to a paypal login screen. In the upper right corner of the box is a shopping cart image and a total. If I click the arrow it shows me the items chosen, a Item Total and a sub total. It does not show shipping cost or a grand total. This is before I even login to paypal. Before I installed the paypal app I was show everything including shipping and the grand total. So do you think what is casuing this proplem is on the oscommerce side or the paypal side? Bill
  9. Hello: My opinion of this app is that it SUCKS! Yes I am annoyed. I think the app is installed correctly, But when you choose Balance the Live area works and shows how much I have in my account. The Sandbox area has this - Error: The PayPal balance could not be retrieved. Please try again. So how do I fix this (Simply)? Also when I try and buy a product using express the cost is sent to paypal, but the shipping is not. I am using the per item shipping mod. I am also using OS BS edge Any ideas how to fix this - It worked before I installed the PayPal App. Bill
  10. Hello: I have installed the new PayPal App and I have a problem - it does not show or include shipping costs. Anyone know how to fix this? I am using the per item shipping module. Bill
  11. I never said I would not install it I am just shall we say unhappy about having to do more work. Could you please provide me with a link to the correct mod to install? My goal is to get a e-mail saying I sold so many items, what kind of items, and be able to pull these real world items from my huge inventory and ship them off fast and make life easy for me at the same time. If oscommerce can do this then I'm fine with it. Bill
  12. I have a paypal express installed, but I don't see anything saying Manage App so I am guessing I don't have that one. Before I go adding something else please tell me why someone would include a payment system that does not work? Or will this work for me just as well? All I really want in the e-mail is it saying you some something and this is what you sold and how many. Bill
  13. I am using oscommerce BS edge and paypal express V 3.0. So what code would I have to change to make so the e-mail tells me what the customer bought? Does not have to be HTML the quantity and title of the item will do. Bill
  14. Thanks for all the help people. I have now begun a test of the order system and everything looks good except - When the e-mail was sent to me that someone had bought a product the product description was blank. So her is my question how can I get this filled in? Bill
  15. Thanks Tsimi A few extra notes: How to move "Required information" Text. Find: <p class="inputRequirement text-right"><?php echo FORM_REQUIRED_INFORMATION; ?></p> Change to: <p class="inputRequirement text-right"><?php echo FORM_REQUIRED_INFORMATION; ?></p> How to move the "Continue" Button" Find : <div class="text-right"><?php echo tep_draw_button(IMAGE_BUTTON_CONTINUE, 'fa fa-send', null, 'primary', null, 'btn-success'); ?></div> Change to: <div class="text-center"><?php echo tep_draw_button(IMAGE_BUTTON_CONTINUE, 'fa fa-send', null, 'primary', null, 'btn-success'); ?></div> Note to OS Designers: I think The "Continue Button" should say "Send" - but that's just my opinion