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  1. When I choose to buy a product I am taken to the shopping cart. At the bottom of the shopping cart there is a button saying "checkout with paypal". Once I push the button I am taken to a paypal login screen. In the upper right corner of the box is a shopping cart image and a total. If I click the arrow it shows me the items chosen, a Item Total and a sub total. It does not show shipping cost or a grand total. This is before I even login to paypal. Before I installed the paypal app I was show everything including shipping and the grand total. So do you think what is casuing this proplem is on the oscommerce side or the paypal side? Bill
  2. Hello: My opinion of this app is that it SUCKS! Yes I am annoyed. I think the app is installed correctly, But when you choose Balance the Live area works and shows how much I have in my account. The Sandbox area has this - Error: The PayPal balance could not be retrieved. Please try again. So how do I fix this (Simply)? Also when I try and buy a product using express the cost is sent to paypal, but the shipping is not. I am using the per item shipping mod. I am also using OS BS edge Any ideas how to fix this - It worked before I installed the PayPal App. Bill