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    valquiria23 reacted to raiwa in KissIT Image Thumbnailer Support   
    Uploaded update with the above fix:
    KissIT image thumbnailer 3.4.2.
    Requires Phoenix
    Tested with Phoenix
    Change log 3.4.2:
    - fixed wrong and missing constant in pi gallery kissit module. Thanks to @edfaught
    - added missing alt tag
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    valquiria23 reacted to raiwa in [Contribution] Ship In Cart   
    Ship In Cart Phoenix 5.1
      OsC CE Phoenix
      Tested with Phoenix
      PHP: 7.0 - 7.3
    Changes Vers. 5.1:
      - Update for Phoenix
      - Modules updated to abstract_executable_module
      - Support for customer class and data added
      - Coding updated to Phoenix standards
      - Deprecated alternative shopping cart product listing module
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    valquiria23 reacted to ecartz in Converting Points and Rewards system for osC BS   
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    valquiria23 reacted to raiwa in Converting Points and Rewards system for osC BS   
    Points and Rewards 3.1.0 beta for Phoenix
    Version 3.1.0.
     - Updated for Phoenix
     - No more core file modifications
     - Deprecated Header Tag Module and moved all configuration entries into Order Total Module
     - Merged all Shop Hooks into one SiteWide hook
     - Replaced checkout payment content module with form hook
     - Bootstrapped Admin pages
     - removed alternative info footer and box module and provided modified language files instead
     - moved the reviews point info message module to product info page
     - updated all modules to abstract_executable_module
     - updated coding to match Phoenix standards
     - added product info pi system modules
     - Integrated PayPal Standard IPN support into siteWide hook
    Points and Rewards Phoenix 3.1.0_beta.zip
    This is a beta version for testing. There are many changes and it requires a complete new installation. Please use the latest Phoenix from GitHub at least from Tuesday 2020/09/01.
    PayPal Standard requires some updates which are not yet available on GitHub.
    Modify includes/modules/payment/paypal_satndard.php line 178-179:
    require 'includes/system/segments/checkout/build_order_totals.php'; require 'includes/system/segments/checkout/insert_order.php';  
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    valquiria23 reacted to Jack_mcs in Where to buy templates for Phoenix?   
    For the most part, templates have a different meaning nowadays as compared to five or so years ago. The following is all that is needed to get a unique look, though some steps may not be simple, depending on your experience level.
    Install whatever addons you need to change appearances. Image sliders are popular in many templates but there are many other addons that will add unique features to the site. Change the layout of the modules to give it a unique look. Like only one column for infoboxes, or none at all.  Change the colors of the shop to your liking. This can mostly be done via css files. The trick is in finding which class to change. With Phoenix, you can make all of the above changes fairly easily and, maybe, without any code changes. This is why you don't see template shops selling templates. It just isn't worth their time to make css changes and provide some images, in my opinion.
    You may need to make code changes in some situations, like not showing the breadcrumb or infoboxes on the home page but show them on other pages. But you can pretty much change the complete appearance of a shop with the above three steps.
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    valquiria23 reacted to raiwa in KissIT Image Thumbnailer Support   
    Uploaded update:
    KissIT image thumbnailer 3.4.1.
    Requires Phoenix
    Tested with Phoenix
    Change log 3.4.1:
    Updated for Phoenix
    - updated image path in reset thumbs function. Thanks to @wildball
    - fixed some errors in instructions. Thanks to @dcully
    - added missing support to reset admin thumbs. Thanks to @dcully
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    valquiria23 reacted to raiwa in Purchase without account for 2.3.4 and BS2334   
    Uploaded PWA 4.3.2
    Purchase without account 4.3.2
    OSCOM CE Phoenix
    Tested with Phoenix
    PHP 7.0-7.3
    Changes Version. 4.3.2
    - fixed error in admin reviews hook. Thanks to @discxpress
    - updated version info in login module. Thanks to @discxpress
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    valquiria23 reacted to zipurman in Zipur Toolbox 0.2.0 - Phoenix & OSCommerce   
    Thanks Fredi. A new site and a new version is coming soon.
    The tool does require PHP allow exec as well as remote fopen.
    I will be making all of my add-ons available without the use of the toolbox as it was more of a proof of concept.
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    valquiria23 reacted to Jack_mcs in All Customers Report   
    @valquiria23Thanks for posting the fix.  I paid more attention to the Phoenix version. I have this installed in a Frozen shop but didn't try a new install, which I should have.
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    valquiria23 got a reaction from Jack_mcs in All Customers Report   
    Hi Jack, @Jack_mcs
    ok, I managed to fix it.
    The FROZEN file: /admin/all_customers.php is missing a line of code:
    add :
    require ('includes / functions / all_customers.php');
    between lines 41 and 42.
    Thank you very much Jack for this interesting addon.
    Have a nice day 
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    valquiria23 reacted to Jack_mcs in All Customers Report   
    A new version has been uploaded with these changes:
    Created a Phoenix version (no core changes needed). Fixed some security and display errors.  
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    valquiria23 reacted to Jack_mcs in Installing Hooks support in 2.3.4 BS GOLD   
    The closing ?> is not required many times so you may not have it in some files. In that case, the instruction just means to place the code at the bottom of the file. You have make the other changes before trying that change because the code being added is looking for the other code.
    Regarding Sitemap SEO, the Frozen version should work in your shop. Sitemap SEO is an on-page sitemap. It is useful for the search engines as well as people. But you should install the Google Sitemap too since it is meant just for the search engines.
    As I recall Gold did not have much code with regards to SEO so I suggest you also install Header Tags SEO.
    And Information Pages SEO helps quite a bit with targeting specific keywords.
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    valquiria23 reacted to ecartz in Error al cambiar el idioma   
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    valquiria23 reacted to raiwa in Slim Checkout for BS   
    Here the updated version for Phoenix
    Tested with Phoenix
    Please try and report back. I'll then upload it to the marketplace.
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    valquiria23 reacted to raiwa in Slim Checkout for BS   
    Uploaded Version 1.2
    Slim Checkout 1.2
    Compatible with Phoenix
    Tested with Phoenix
    - updated for Phoenix
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    valquiria23 got a reaction from domiosc in Fastest osCommerce ever - Solomono oSc got 99/100 in google page speed   
    I will be very happy to try it. It would be very nice to be able to participate. I suggest you to leave the club open so that many people can participate and promote your edition.
    I am anxiously waiting for news! Get on with your wonderful work.
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    valquiria23 got a reaction from ejsolutions in Reminder: Frozen EOL   
    Thanks Lee for your advice.
    If I was starting a new site from scratch I would surely study other options.
    I have been working on the Frozen site for a long time and I really don't want to throw all that work in the trash. Frozen is already tested and all the addons I need are in the market.
    Phoenix is constantly updating and the truth is that I do not have the time and strength to be updating the site in addition to setting it up from scratch.
    Are the Frozen forums going to be deleted from this site? what impact will EOL have on practice, since software is not the same as an electrodetic or a car that no longer has spare parts after EOL.
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    valquiria23 reacted to Jack_mcs in TextMaster   
    A new version has been uploaded. The only changes in this release is to provide a version for Phoenix. If has not been tested with an html editor but should work since that works in other versions. You will need to enable the option for the editor being unsed in the language file.
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    valquiria23 reacted to zipurman in Zipur Toolbox 0.2.0 - Phoenix & OSCommerce   
    Zipur Toolbox offers the following features to CE Phoenix and OSCommerce:
    Modules Easy installer of packaged add-ons. These add-ons have to be created with the Package Creator or manually created to match the spec expected by zipur Toolbox. Once add-ons are installed using the tool, you can easily uninstall, reinstall, delete, update the add-ons with a click of a button. Online Library This Library will allow you to download any add-ons developed by Zipur with a click of a button. You will also be able to see what is installed and what updates are available. Package Creator This is the best part as a developer. It allows you to code in your IDE and when done, you can package the files you need as well as SQL adjustments for install/uninstall/upgrade as well as turning any mods on/off pre/post install. It will also allow you to change all file versions and header copyright blocks at the time of packaging. You can even download a zip file from the tool containing your new package. The package is then ready to distribute to people also using this tool and they can install with a click of a button. Version File Report This report downloads a matching version of the core of your install. It then compares against your installed version and shows you what files have been changed, added, removed. If you are using OSCommerce, you will have to manually download and place a copy of the core. Requires PHP 7.1 at minimum, but 7.3 recommended to avoid herdoc indent errors You can also refer to zipur.ca for more info.
    Find it here: https://apps.oscommerce.com/RdMqY&zipur-toolbox-0-2-0&c=other
    All feedback, problems, suggestions welcome.
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    valquiria23 reacted to Jack_mcs in HoneyPot Captcha   
    A new version has been uploaded with these changes:
    Added code to ignore IPV6 IP's. Added a missing sql command for MS2 shops. Added notification code in case the database changes fail. Reported by member @ArtcoInc. Changed the filtering for domains in emails. Changed the defined names still being used. Chanded installation instructions for MS2 shops. Corrected minor spelling and coding mistakes. Reduced the log size limit from 300 KB to 50 KB. Removed the FORM REQUIRED code for pre-2.3.4 shops. Removed the storage engine from the create table command. Found by member @artcoinc. Pro Version Only:
    Added a check to prevent empty emails from being sent.   Added a check in Account Check to see if a customer has made orders.   Added sort options to the Maintenance page. 
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    valquiria23 reacted to Jack_mcs in Information Pages SEO addon   
    A new version has been uploaded with these changes:
    Added a left column icon for Phoenix.
    Added a title for the Pages and Redirect boxes in admin to provide instruction for using them.
    Added a Navbar module. Pro Version only.**
    Changed the code for displaying cross-reference links on the product page for a better display.
    Changed name of shops language file from information_pages to information so the shops code loads it automatically.
    Corrected a coding mistake in the footer module that caused the display to not be correct.
    Moved changes for application_top files into hooks (Phoenix only).
    Updated the Version Checker to return correct versions.
    ** The new Navbar module allows messages to be displayed as pages, which greatly increases the flexibility.
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    valquiria23 reacted to raiwa in Español pack para OsC Responsive BS EDGE o Gold   
    Uploaded Versión for OSCOM CE Phoenix
    Español para OsC CE
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    valquiria23 reacted to burt in Phoenix Announcements   
    v1.0.7.6 is tagged and released
    Download Link:
    Thank you to all who have made this possible;
    together we are stronger
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    valquiria23 reacted to burt in Phoenix Announcements   
    Please note that we are now announcing on the official News channel
      Easy Zip Updates are supported by Core Team inside the Phoenix Club
    - If you are not a member, please join. 
    - If you prefer not to be a member or are a previous member for whatever reason;
      You can also view file changes via Github, here is the URL
    - https://github.com/gburton/Responsive-osCommerce/compare/A.B.C.D...E.F.G.H
    - Change A.B.C.D to whatever version you are currently on
    - Change E.F.G.H to the version you want to upgrade to
      You can also view your shops Version Checker, which will look something like this:
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    valquiria23 reacted to Jack_mcs in [CONTRIBUTION] Ultimate SEO URLs v2.1 - by Chemo   
    A new version has been uploaded with the following changes:
    Added a check in the Phoenix version to check if search engine friendly setting is present. Added rewrite code for blog articles in Article Manager. Added a new directory for Phoenix versions of and above. Changed code to prevent a warning in Phoenix shops.