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    valquiria23 reacted to Heatherbell in Thanks for updating the Sales Reports admin add on! Works great! Kind Regards, Peter   
    We find it a must have add-on, someone else's hard work originally - we needed to update for our latest Phoenix live shop so hope the update helps others. Thanks to you too for your professional input on the forum so goodonya for that.
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    valquiria23 reacted to burt in Phoenix Rising...   
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    valquiria23 reacted to Gyakutsuki in Tart GDPR-cookie-widgets V1.0 I have to thank @Gyakutsuki for all his help with this   
    Welcome. I hope you increase a little of your knowledge.
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    valquiria23 reacted to JcMagpie in For those who are not into coding a simple add-on. JcM footer-More Information V1.0 C   
    😂 yes sorry it is a test site and I am testing a autoresponder for someone, It's messing up both shop and admin.
    But hey that's why it's a test site. It's back up now. 😊
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    valquiria23 reacted to JcMagpie in THANK YOU JcMagpie for your quick response to solve my issues on my website. You are   
    Thank you for your kind words Hans, but I am not a programmer of any type. The people you need to thank for your osC software is Gary @burt and those that help him and HPDL for the origin of osC.
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    valquiria23 reacted to Gyakutsuki in Wishing everyone a happy new year 😊   
    Happy new year 2019:)
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    valquiria23 reacted to oscMarket in It's a start http://nimb.ws/ZDrxcT   
    So, that wasn't so hard.................